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Video creation & photography for your business is very important. We provide a full creation service. Anything from a brand story film to a short TV commercial and social content for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just tell us where to point our lens and we’ll get to work developing your commercial videos, educational guides, customer testimonials or documentary style video advertising. Once the footage is completed and ready for release, your customers can start clicking on that little triangular play button any chance they get!

The process

First the team will get to know your company. By finding out what your mission is and who are the people are driving the business forward, we can start to understand the real culture behind your brand and have an absolute wealth of stories to tell! After all, you started the business for a reason and your passion and goals formed part of that!

Ps. We can also fully facilitate photography for your products, events and team photos etc.

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How our creative services benefit

If a picture says a thousand words, then a video says even more!

The digital marketing world is losing far too much of the meaning behind why businesses are formed and the people behind them. Different forms of video marketing will completely engage your audience and convey important information in a fast and ‘easy to understand’ way. Not only that, it does wonders for your brand awareness!

Our team are storytellers who incite an emotional response through video creation. Why should a customer trust your business? Why should they buy your products? Those important selling points can’t always be shown through a chunk of text or a photo. Our team will present your brand beautifully in a proud and exciting manner that will easily integrate into your overall marketing strategy!

The whole process

website creation team 1

Upon coming a board with us you will have an introductory call from either our founder Ash, or our operations director Brian. They will give you a brief overview of how things will go while working with us and then direct you to your allocated project manager.

website creation team 2

You will be assigned a project manager that has been chosen due to their suitability for your brand’s content creation. This designer will have an introductory call with you and discuss your wants for the content and any questions they may have about the project.

web design process 3

If you have any video clips or photographs you would like us to edit or enhance we can do this, otherwise we will arrange a time that suits you to come around and take photos and recordings.

web design process 3

Once photos and videos have been obtained, the designer will edit them on adobe software, heightening the contrast, saturation and other elements where neccesary. They will also get opinions from other members of staff so that the results are the best they can be before sending them to you.

5. results sent to you for approval
logo branding design

With all the content approved by the team, it will then be sent to you for the final go ahead. If there are any additions or changes to be made then feel free to let the designer know and they will get it done as soon as possible.


With the content approved, the images and videos will be used where requested, be that a post on social media, an advert, an addition to your website and so on.

Start promoting your business with us…