accountancy jobs
case study

The Challenge

Accountancy Jobs came to us with an Idea for a new start up business, the idea was to provide a service via a website where Employers could find potential staff and Users could advertise themselves for employment cutting out the expensive fees that come with recruitment agents, specifically for the accountancy industry, “by accountants for accountants”. This really was a ground up project, our favourite!

The strategy

To get this company up and running we needed to add together all of the elements they would need to hit the ground running.

Final website:


Getting the look and feel right for this start up business would be a key element in its quick success, we needed to make it seem like it is a well established credible business but still with a brand new contemporary feel that resonates with the accountancy industry, simple, professional, rememberable. Take a look at the examples of what we provided them with and see for yourselves.

logo design process1
logo design process2
logo design process3

Website design and functionality

For this business the website is not just the virtual shop window but the shop itself so it was imperative that we built it with the user in mind. Through multiple different functions the website provides every service the company offers including Users having profiles advertising themselves and their CV,s a Job board job searching Employer profile and accounts and cv searching

Stage 1

website design process1

Stage 2

website design process2

Final design & job/candidate search functionality

website design process3
website build functionality

Social Media Marketing

Once we had created some awesome branding and given the business its identity it was time to let the world know that Accountancy Jobs were soon to be in business, this is what we call a build to launch campaign. We give away snips of information across their social media platforms over time letting people know the business and website is coming soon. We also give little bits of information about what services will be available, doing this over time gives you the ability to build followers and a social profile and gives the consumer time to resonate with your branding, business and ethos. Starting your socials early before the launch also allows to get discussions going within the industry which helps to build hype.

Using the brand and messaging to create CTAs

social media content1

Test and learn across different messaging and offers

social media content2

Through to posting and page management

social media content3

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