Email campaigns allow business owners to reach a huge number of potential customers at a very low cost, pennies per email in fact!

For small-business owners who are perhaps on a budget, this sometimes makes it a better choice than direct mail, TV or radio ads. It also has unique value because it’s an easy way to start reaching your audience on their mobiles without having to invest in new technology or software like an app.

The process

For a message that will pop up on the owners phone, emails are free for the consumer to reply to, whereas a text will cost them. Not to mention that an email has way more space for content like photos and GIFs than a text, which allows for something a little more eye catching. They can even be personalised to include the name of the receiver!

From identifying the actions you want your customers to take once receiving to creating the email campaigns artwork and tracking the results of the email. Our team will send a message that speaks to each and every one of your followers!

Some recent email designs…

Reach your target audience with your latest products and services.

How does email marketing benefit you

Email campaigns allow you to reach your audience directly on a regular occasion. If you need to get an important announcement, sale or update then this is one of the best ways to do it. Email campaigns are typically used to make their audience feel more connected with the brand. This can be done by including exclusive discounts or sneak peeks to future announcements and releases. Email campaigns are a blank canvas for whatever your business needs to talk about, and we’re here to help you make the most of this opportunity!

The whole process

website creation team 1

Upon coming a board with us you will have an introductory call from either our founder Ash, or our operations director Brian. They will give you a brief overview of how things will go while working with us and then direct you to your allocated project manager.

website creation team 2

You will be assigned a project manager that has been chosen due to their suitability for your brand’s content creation. This designer will have an introductory call with you and discuss your wants for the content and any questions they may have about the project.

web design process 3

Your design manager will request a list of contacts you wish to send these email campaigns to, but if you don’t have a list we can gather contacts for an area and audience of your choice

4. designer creates email campaign
web design process 3

Once everything is discussed and all information required is recieved, your designer will get to work crafting the first email campaign, from its overall design to the copy itself. The email campaign will be designed to match any branding you currently have, including font usage and colour palette.

5. test email sent for approval
logo branding design

Once the designer has completed the email, they will send a test email to other members of the team, the operations manager and then to you for final approval. This is a test email so it will appear in your inbox and show you what your audience will see. You can request any changes before the final result goes out.


With everything approved and ready to send, your designer will send the email campaign to your list of contacts and it will appear in their inboxes shortly after. Your designer will be able to see how many people open the email and how many click any links embedded. This will impact future email campaigns once they’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

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