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Email campaigns for your business, Plymouth UK


Email campaigns allows business owners to reach a huge number of potential customers at a very low cost, pennies per email in fact! For small-business owners who are perhaps on a budget, this sometimes makes it a better choice than direct mail, TV or radio ads. It also has unique value because it’s an easy way to start reaching your audience on their mobiles without having to invest in new technology or software like an app. For a message that will pop up on the owners phone, emails are free for the consumer to reply to, whereas a text will cost them. Not to mention that an email has way more space for content like photos and GIFs than a text, which allows for something a little more eye catching. They can even be personalised to include the name of the receiver!


Speak to every one of your followers!


From identifying the actions you want your customers to take once receiving to creating the email campaigns artwork and tracking the results of the email. Our team will send a message that speaks to each and every one of your followers!

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