Instagram is one of the best places to communicate your brand visually and connect with your audience. But, is it possible to increase your followers organically anymore? With a little bit of strategic thinking and a lot of patience, it can be done. Read our latest blog to find out how you can increase your Instagram followers organically. 

What is Instagram used for?

Instagram is no longer just a social network. Since the launch of Instagram Ads, Instagram TV, and Instagram Business Accounts, it has transformed into a playing field for influencers, marketers, and businesses to promote themselves.  

Today, people use Instagram not only to connect with their friends but also to connect with their favourite brands and shop online. Studies have found that the majority of consumers use Instagram to search for a brand and 80 percent of them follow at least one brand on Instagram.  

Ways to increase your Instagram followers 

If you have an active account on Instagram, there are two ways to increase your following: through paid and organic methods. If you’re looking to spend absolutely nothing and still gain a good following, then this is where you need to be! 

However, it’s important to remember that slow and steady wins the race in this case… you do need patience and consistency because it does take time to see results. What are the results? An authentic and engaged audience that’s more likely to connect with your brand and convert to a sale! 

Create engaging content

Instagram users love to share and comment on photos and video content that they think is good. A study found that on average, Instagram images get 23 percent more engagement than Facebook images. 

To catch the attention of your audience on Instagram, you need to create engaging content. The more engaging the content is, the more likely people will share it. Here are our top tips on how to create some good content:

  • Focus on video content! Videos get 38% more engagement than posts containing images 
  • Create content that your audience can relate to. What age bracket do they fit in, would they respond to some kind of throwback post to their childhood for example?
  • Post about viral trends on other channels such as Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Use the right hashtags to generate engagement. Instagram allows you to choose up to 30 hashtags on every post, but the general consensus is that an average of 11 generates the best results- most companies choose between 3-5 of the most relevant hashtags.  

Schedule your posts 

After you’ve created a batch of fresh and engaging content, the next step is to schedule your posts in advance. The key here is posting each image or video at the right time. Hootsuite did a study on this and they found the best times to post depending on the industry you’re in. 

For example, the best time to post universally is Wednesdays at about 11 am. This makes sense, mid-day and mid-week is the perfect time to take a break from work and do some scrolling. You can read the full report breakdown here. 

Collect a list of accounts within your industry 

It’s useful to see how others in your industry are doing, and the best way to achieve this is to compile a list of all competitors. For example, if you’re in the food industry, you would gather all the relevant food bloggers and restaurants that speak to the same audience as you. 

Get to know these accounts better by asking yourself: 

  • What topics do their audience engage with? 
  • Which posts are getting the most likes? 
  • How often do they post?

The next step is to use your competitor’s accounts to build your own Instagram followers. Take some time to go through and follow their followers, one by one. Yes, this is time-consuming… but a crucial step in gaining quality followers that will engage with you. 

In the current Instagram algorithm, you can only follow 50 to 100 people every day. If you follow more than 100 people per day, there’s a chance your account can get suspended by Instagram. So, take it slow and steady! 

Repeat and be consistent 

If you don’t want to spend money and still grow an engaged following, these methods work and are free to use. Consistency and patience are key with Instagram, and as long as you don’t expect to see instant results overnight, you’ll have a quality following in no time. 

Let us help you increase your Instagram followers 

Here at Âme Social, we understand that finding the time to do this whilst running a business can be tough. That’s why we’re here to take care of it for you! Our dedicated team of social media managers can create eye-catching, engaging content that’s carefully curated to show your brand in its best light. 

We keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes so we’re one step ahead when it comes to the best posting times for your specific industry. Want to know more? Give our team a call on 01752 746890 or email us at [email protected].