Everyone wants more website traffic, it’s why they exist! What good is a beautifully designed landing page if absolutely no one is landing there? In this blog, we look at 5 ways to increase your website traffic through paid and organic methods. 

Perform keyword research  

Always include relevant keywords in your content. Keywords should be used naturally, not stuffed into the content so much that it’s virtually unreadable. It’s important to use keywords throughout your website, not forgetting the important technical places like the meta description, the page title, the URL slug and headers. 

To conduct keyword research, you can use some handy online tools like Moz or SEMrush. These sites show what keywords your competitors are using, how often people search for those keywords, related keywords and other absolutely crucial information to help you create a successful keyword strategy. 

Enlisting the help of a professional marketing agency is also an option, as they can offer valuable insights and perform site audits to identify issues that may be keeping your site from ranking in search engines. 

Keep active on social media

Social media is one of the main ways of attracting visitors to your website. After all, how many times have you checked out a new brand’s social pages before their actual website? Here are some ways social media should be utilised to increase your website traffic;

  • Post content (blogs, downloadables, videos etc) across your social platforms, not just on your website. 
  • Interact with your followers by regularly replying to them, reposting their content or tagging them. 
  • Use relevant hashtags. Use sites like http://best-hashtags.com/ for help on what’s trending in your industry. 
  • Update the link in your bio regularly to promote new content 

Send email campaigns to increase your website traffic 

Sending regular email campaigns in the form of newsletters is an effective way to increase the traffic to your website. It’s best to include enticing information from the main content in the subject line and in the body of the email. Remember to insert links to your actual website, whether it’s through a blog link, contact form link, or a link to a downloadable resource.

Top tip: Make sure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly. Links should be easy to see since 46% of all email opens are done on mobile.  

Create memorable content

It’s not enough to just post content, whether this is through social media or email campaigns. You need to cut through the industry noise and stand out from the crowd! Useful, memorable content is a great way to increase your website traffic.

People use Google to find specific answers to their questions, and your content should be there to provide clear and concise answers. Did you know, small businesses that regularly blog receive 126% more lead growth than businesses that do not blog. 

The bottom line is, if you genuinely care about the content you produce, post regularly and research what your target audience wants to know, your web traffic should naturally start to improve. 

Create a helpful resource

Offering your prospective customers something useful is a great way to drive more traffic. For example, here at Ame we are working on a ‘ultimate SEO guide’ for clients to download and learn the basics. We wanted to give a free marketing tool that clients can use to better their knowledge. 

Don’t forget everything we’ve mentioned above though, it’s not enough to just post the resource to your website and hope people stumble across it. Share it across your social media to create a buzz, send out an email campaign with a link to the downloadable on your website… you know the drill! 

Increase your website traffic the easy way  

Does this all sound great but you just don’t have the time? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in! The team here at Ame have the relevant industry knowledge needed to take control of all the channels we mentioned above to help your website traffic grow. 

If you want to know more about how we can help, please get in touch by calling 01752 746890 or get in touch here.