Chances are, as a small business owner, posting to your social media isn’t at the top of your priority list. We’re here to tell you that that’s okay! With the help of a professional social media manager, you’ll have the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business, with the peace of mind knowing that your digital marketing is being taken care of. Let’s take a closer look at how a social media manager can benefit your business. 

What is a social media manager? 

A social media manager can be a valuable asset to your business, but what exactly do they do? Basically, they take over everything to do with your online presence! With guidance from you of course. They’ll manage your profiles whether this is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn and develop a strategy. They will do competitor research and produce high quality, branded content based on your industry. Not only that, but they will analyse usage data to see how well their posts are performing and tweak the strategy based on this. 

How do we know this, you ask? Well we so happen to have a team of fab social media managers here at Ame Social! We have a vast portfolio of clients that we look after and represent. Take a look at our portfolio here. Since we know our stuff, let’s look at some ways in which having a social media manager can benefit your small business;

1. You’ll have a professional onboard 

Whilst it’s great to keep all your marketing in-house where possible, this can quickly get messy as they are spread too thin across the company. You’re better off hiring a professional social media manager to manage this for you. Instead of posting at random with no thought to a strategy, your new manager can create a tailored plan to help your business get the most out of your social media presence. 

If you don’t have much experience in social media marketing, the time that you’re spending posting to your pages might end up being a waste. By hiring a professional, you’ll be confident knowing that the time and resources are being spent well. 

2. You’ll have time to focus on other aspects of your business 

If you, as a business owner or one of your employees have social media on your daily to-do list, it will be a weight off your shoulders to give this role to someone else. Whilst you’ve been busy trying to build your social presence, other aspects of your business might have ended up on the backburner as a result. By hiring a social media manager, you can focus on other aspects of your business and leave the social media work to the professional. 

3. A social media manager can give consistency 

There’s nothing worse than searching for a company on social media, only to find that their page hasn’t been updated in ages. This can cause distrust and may turn potential customers away. A social media manager will make sure to post consistently on each platform, with content tailored specifically to each platform. 

Posting consistently will help you build your social media following and raise your exposure. If you’re having difficulty attracting new followers and keeping them engaged, posting on a regular basis (with good content!) could make a big difference. For example, Google+ users who posted consistently and then decreased their frequency saw their traffic drop up to 50%! This shows why it’s crucial to stay steady on your socials. 

4. A social media manager can respond to your messages 

If you struggle to find time to post to social media, then you’ll definitely struggle to respond to any messages that come through via your social pages. Add this on top of existing customer relationship management programmes such as email, voicemail and text… that’s a lot of time spent replying! 

Many business owners don’t realise that social media isn’t just for advertising your products or services, it’s a customer management tool, too. Customers expect your business to provide service through platforms like Facebook, but research suggests only 23% actually deliver it. This is similar for Twitter, 70% of customer 

If you fail to reply to messages on social media, you could potentially lose a customer. Neglecting your customer queries could risk customer retention, and reduce the likelihood of gaining new clients in the future. 

A social media manager can interact daily with customers on your behalf, after a conversation with you over generic responses to certain types of queries. Another thing taken off your hands, safe in the knowledge it’s being taken care of by a professional!

5. A new way to generate new customers 

Having oodles of industry experience means that your social media manager will know how to showcase the best that your business has to offer, in a way that will keep your customers engaged and interested. Whether this is industry news, company updates, new services, service information or fun memes… your manager will get this to your target audience through both paid and organic efforts. 

Social media is a valuable way to gain new customers and master customer service and brand representation. How your social media manager does this will depend on the type of business you own. For example, if you run a restaurant, your content should focus on professional foodie pictures and capturing the ambience or vibe of your restaurant. In comparison, a construction company would benefit from on-site images and customer testimonials. 

As with any marketing idea, your social media manager will have to try different tactics to see what works best for your audience. They will set up the appropriate analytic tools which allow them to fully see how the posts are performing. This way, they can adapt and change the strategy as they go along, with the analytics backing them up in the process. 

Do you need a social media manager?

Hiring a social media manager to take over your online presence has a lot of positives when it comes to running your business. Here at Ame Social, we have a team of managers dedicated to boosting their client’s online presence through professional, branded content tailored to your business. 

If you could benefit from some social media management, get in touch with our team or follow us on Instagram and Facebook!