tips for website homepage

With a growing variety of ways that people can navigate the web, some argue that your website homepage are not the first thing people see anymore. From social media ads that link directly to your landing page, or links that go directly to blog content, it’s easy for people to miss your homepage entirely! 

But, despite all of that, we would argue that your homepage is still very important and here’s why… 

Your Website Homepage Builds Trust

It’s fair to say that the homepage isn’t the most profitable part of your website, but if it’s designed correctly, it is definitely the most powerful. 

If you think about it, how often do you immediately buy something once you land on a product page? Or, do you do a little research and look around the company website before clicking ‘add to cart’? Your homepage builds trust, and it provides the basis for your businesses credibility. 

Website Homepage as a Multi-Purpose Marketing Tool 

Your homepage should be a multi-purpose tool in your marketing strategy. It’s not like a sales or contact page, in which each has one clear purpose. For your homepage to be truly effective, it has to do at least these 3 things very well:

  • Clarify what your product is and why it will benefit your customer 
  • Establish trust 
  • Point the way

Chances are your homepage won’t close a sale, but it can absolutely lose one! Your homepage needs to be clear, concise and professional. Luckily for you, we have some tips up or sleeve that can help you optimize your homepage for better results. Let’s take a look;

Great Design Won’t Save Bad Copy

We’re suckers for good design here at Ame, but it’s crucial that the copy doesn’t get overlooked. Remember point 1 above ‘Clarify what your product is and why it will benefit your customer’. Design can’t do this as well as some carefully curated copy. Our best tip is to not just simply state what your product does, but focus on the problem it solves. Give your potential customers something that will benefit them, or will solve a problem they didn’t even potentially know they had.

Use The 7 Second Test 

With your design and copy at the ready, you should have a good idea of how your homepage will look. You can do a ‘7-second test’ by asking a friend or a ‘neutral observer’ (someone who’s unfamiliar with your business) and have them take a look at your homepage. They should be able to tell you three things in 7 seconds or less;

  • What your product is and what problem it solves 
  • Why they should care
  • What you want them to do next 

Studies as recent as last year show that people, on average, spend just under 15 seconds on a website. To be truly effective, it’s best to aim to harness their attention in half that time. 

Choose a Primary Call to Action

Last but not least, make sure that you have a really good CTA on your website homepage. Your CTA is the most important aspect because it accomplishes one main goal: pointing the way. 

We recommend focussing on just one CTA, for fear of conflicting messages. If you have a nice looking homepage, with clear concise copy- the last thing you want to do is confuse them at the last minute by giving them too many button click options. 

Here are some good CTA’s that you can use on your homepage:

  • Lead magnet opt-in (mailing list, resources downloads)
  • Register/ Join now 
  • Take a quiz or assessment 
  • Start your demo/ trial now 

You’ll notice that ‘buy now’ isn’t on the list. That’s because it’s really not a great CTA! Again, the point of your homepage isn’t to make a sale, it’s to inform and establish trust. 

Be flexible

These tips will hopefully help you create a successful homepage, but there is one more thing that you should know! Your homepage shouldn’t stay the same. Depending on where your business is in its life cycle, the way you inform and gain trust will change. This is why the homepage is so powerful, they can do whatever your business needs at the time. 

Whether you’re updating your homepage for the first time, or the 100th time, we can help get it the best it can be. Or why not take it a step further and give your entire website an overhaul?! Check out our website design services here.