Warning: Tearjerker alert… you’re going to need some tissues for this one! 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands have taken the opportunity to revise their marketing strategies to show support for their communities, shine a light on brilliant individuals or demonstrate how their business can help people through these difficult times. Here’s a rundown of our favourite campaigns, showing how brands turned a time of uncertainty into an opportunity. 

  • Facebook –  ‘We’re never lost if we can find each other”

 Beautifully demonstrating how light can seep through the cracks, Facebook tugged at our heartstrings with their ‘we’re never lost if we can find each other’ ad. Using real-life footage from real people during the lockdown, they reminded us that joy can be found in staying connected and that it’s something we should all celebrate despite the challenges we face.


  • Wagamama’s ‘Wok From Home’ 

Wagamama, like many other popular restaurant chains, was sorely missed when the UK restaurants had to close their doors. In a fab attempt to satisfy the cravings of the British public, Wagamama launched their ‘Wok from Home’ virtual cooking lessons. In a series of tutorials hosted by Wagamama’s executive chef, Steve Mangleshot, the chain gave you an opportunity to create their most iconic dishes from scratch. Katsu curry anyone?! 


  • KFC – “It’s good”

KFC pressed pause on their infamous slogan ‘it’s finger-lickin’ good’ in an attempt to shine a light on the importance of hygiene throughout previous lockdowns. This is a great way of making their branding relevant by adapting to the challenges we’re all experiencing. They also attracted more attention to their brand by blurring the words, perhaps suggesting that they could be swear words, clever! 

• Nike- “Play For The World”

Nike always seems to get the tone just right, and they didn’t let us down this time around. In a powerful, emotional and inclusive video promoted heavily across social media, they encouraged us to stay at home but also to ‘keep playing’ at a time when people were generally struggling with motivation. Nike also took things up a notch, by making their subscription to their Nike Training Club app available for free – so people could access workouts and training tips from home. 


  • Tesco – “Food love stories, dedications”

Now we think we speak for everyone when we say that food was a staple in getting through previous lockdowns. Tesco has been celebrating their ‘food love stories’ for over 3 years, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to switch it up and dedicate the food we love, to the people we love. This heartwarming video shows families and friends uniting over their love of food. 


Why did they work so well? 

The brands above might be worlds apart in their audiences and offering, but all of the campaigns had some key elements: 

  • They added value to their community, offering advice, inspiration, encouragement or simply making us smile. 
  • A strong call to action to let people know “we’re here for you if you need us”. 
  • No pushy sales messages… any of their products or services mentioned were done in a subtle way. 

Whilst these are all great examples of brands adapting to the changing times, you don’t need a global pandemic to create a great marketing campaign. If you sprinkle the elements above into your own social media, either now or in the future, they’ll be more likely to stick around and be successful. 

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