These days, a restaurant without social media content is like a restaurant without a kitchen. Effective social media management and social media marketing have become that important! You should hopefully have your business online in some capacity, using social media to increase advertising and improve marketing, but are you using it to its maximum potential? Let’s run through a few handy tips to increase business social media presence.

Be Proud of Being Small & Local!

People love to support small and local businesses. They understand that these businesses are run by a small group of people, that are looking to make their dream a reality, and typically go above and beyond to provide the best customer service possible, when compared to larger brands.

It may sound weird but you should 100% milk the fact that you are a small or local business to your audience. Some examples include mentioning your team and how they are people from the area, or that your ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. Don’t forget to tag and mention other local businesses that you work with or admire too! Most of the time, they will end up repaying the gesture and introducing you to a larger audience, or opening the door to future collaborations.

Especially in this weird time, the hashtag #supportlocal is trending for a reason. Small businesses need all the help they can get right now, so don’t feel bad for reminding people who you are through your social media marketing efforts.

Go Behind The Scenes

Using your social media marketing purely for sales purposes will get you nowhere. People follow you on social media for more than offers, they want to see what goes on behind the scenes and who are behind the business. Meet the team posts do extremely well for any business, as it creates a closer connection to you and your audience, as well as letting your audience know the personalities to expect when interacting with your business. Typically, businesses tend to use Instagram stories for more in-depth food/product production processes and funny moments. But use their feeds for individual team bios or general team updates, birthdays, etc.

Again, this type of personal content will grow your audience’s connection and loyalty to your brand. Social media content can be used in a variety of ways. Offers, new item announcements, and exclusive discounts are always good to post about, but make sure to break it up with behind-the-scenes and tease posts. 

The general rule for posting social media content is:

70% of your behind-the-scenes, personal, tease content.

20% of other people’s shared content that’s relevant.

10% promotional.

This is only a guide and can be adapted however you find works.

Reply & Communicate

Social media marketing is more than posting pretty pictures, you need to interact with your audience as much as you can to see some real results. Does someone comment on your social media content? Reply to them with a positive message as this will encourage them to continue with their order, or come back in the future. Does someone tag you in a post or Instagram story? Comment on the post saying thanks, allowing anyone who sees their post to also see your comment and get redirected to your page, and repost any stories making sure to include a thank you message! 

If you have some free time to browse the social media platforms your business uses, take the time to find new people to follow as your business account, like a few of their posts and leave a positive comment. You’ll soon see people following back and doing the same!

You can even use social media content to ask your customers directly.

“What food options would you like to see from us?”

“Which [PRODUCT] do you like the most out of these options?”

This shows your audience that you are willing to grow and adapt to make their experience better, rather than just in it for the money. Give these tips a go!

Create Some Routines

When on social media, you’ll see common hashtags floating around like #ThrowbackThursday and #MondayMotivation. These are hashtags that receive big traffic so it might be a good opportunity for your brand if you can think of content that fits these terms. An alternative taken by a few businesses is to make your own custom hashtags! #MeatfreeMondays, #FeedbackFridays, and much more. By keeping consistent with these specific spotlights, you can have a constant stream of interesting posts that have a sales tag at the end to redirect to your store or online menu. You may even start a trend and have other businesses following your lead, rather than following someone in someone else’s shadow.

Boost Your Content

You don’t want to invest all of this time into creating beautiful content if you don’t ultimately receive sales and leads at the end of it, right? You want it to be worth your time. By boosting posts with a strong call to action, you can reach a larger, more targeted audience, and see the leads flowing in.

Boosting posts are done via Facebook and can be linked to your content on Instagram as well. Pay as much as you want and for how long you want it to be boosted, then you will see how many people it will reach and an estimation on the link clicks you’ll receive. 

Boosting posts take time to perfect, you’ll need to try a few and see which do the best and over time you will see bigger and better results each time. You should see huge spikes when you spend more, as more money means more people reached with your social media content. 

Have A Call To Action

No matter what you post, don’t forget your CTA (call to action). A call to action means something on your post that directs people to your store or restaurant website. It should drive people to do something. Use CTAs at the end of videos, on social media content graphics, and in your content’s accompanying copy. If your post gets shared, so do your links!

Let Us Help You

For a lot of businesses, this all sounds great but they just don’t have the time to spend on creating effective social media content and interacting with others on the social platforms. That’s where we come in. Ame Social are a digital marketing agency in Plymouth that can do all of the hard work for you, leaving you more time to work on your business in other, practical areas. We will be in constant communication with you, and all content will be sent to you for the final go-ahead before scheduling.


If you would like to know more about our social media marketing services, head to our website, or get in touch via [email protected] or by phone on 01752 746890.


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We look forward to speaking with you and helping to unlock the soul of your business.