A few days ago Twitter was ablaze with tributes and memes regarding the branding of Firefox as they recently underwent an entire rebrand, including their iconic browser logo. 

This logo design has undergone a few redesigns over the years, and the most recent one has divided opinion amongst the general and design communities.



The funny thing to note with this image above that has been trending online is that the final icon is actually for the Firefox parent brand that encompasses all their services, with the one before it being the current icon for the browser we all know.


Firefox has gone the same route as Google with its service-wide branding, utilising the colours of the Firefox logo and incorporating it into the icons for their other services. You can read more about their rebrand from their own article, breaking down the reasoning behind the change.


The public response to this change was a fun spectacle to see unfold. The most popular posts involved the evolution evolving into the main character from the popular video game Among Us, having it turn into another well-known internet browser, and seeing anthropomorphic renditions of the browser icon created by the furry community.



With all the buzz about the logo in the design industry, many big brands started talking about it, and soon many people thought the parent brand icon was the new browser icon and began messaging Firefox’s social accounts protesting the change.


Mozilla realised that the situation was getting out of hand and published a follow-up blog explaining that the fox imagery wasn’t going away and that people who actually used Firefox would know that the logo design hadn’t actually changed to remove the animal. It’s rare to see a brand get sarcastic with their audience on social media, but it’s always fun to see.


Mozilla even updated their Firefox nightly version, changing the icon into the famous Doge meme! People claimed that the fox’s face had gone, and well, now it has become a completely different animal! I guess if you can’t beat them, join them.



This fun little stunt was a great example of using effective social media management to make light of a bad situation and fixing outrage. The Doge version of the logo design was promoted on the subreddit r/firefox to resounding applause, with people making memes of the meme!



Brand identity is extremely important for your business. You want your audience to recognise you and any expansions in an instant. Making changes to your branding involves a lot of planning and precision, especially when your branding has remained the same for years. But this shouldn’t scare you from doing it, as a rebrand can reignite people’s interest in your brand and get people talking! Just like how Firefox and Burger King have reentered the spotlight and used social media marketing to give their rebrand the biggest showcase (and feedback) possible.

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