If you are a musician or band, you want to get the most engagement, growth, and contacts possible through your social media marketing. We understand this more than most digital marketing agencies as a large selection of our staff both old and new are former or current musicians. We’ve collected a range of essential tips for social media growth that will push you into the social spotlight!  


Invite your friends to like your artist page


If you have an artist page on Facebook that is connected to your personal profile, you can send a request to anyone in your friend’s list to like the page. People from your friend’s list will always love to support you and probably spam the like button whenever you post about your musical growth on your personal account, so why not get them over to your official artist page? Not only will this increase the page’s fans and allow your content to be seen by more people, but they might share it with their friends and friends of friends, etc. Give it a shot!


You can also go to a previous post from your artist page, click on the ‘likes’ to see a list of those who have liked it. Anyone on this list who isn’t actually following your page will have an ‘invite’ option next to their name.


Use Twitter lists


Twitter is a big social media platform, with thousands of new tweets every second. As a musician, you might want to have separate lists of friends, other musicians you are inspired by, bandmates, etc. By going through your list of all the people you follow on Twitter, you can add them to their own custom lists! These lists could be producers, labels, music blogs, PR companies, etc. You can then click those lists whenever you want to see a feed of only those people’s tweets. Or you can download Tweetdeck to have each list on screen in their own columns. Organised chaos we like to call it.


There’s also an added bonus to creating Twitter lists. Adding someone to a list results in them receiving a notification. So maybe call the lists something like ‘Producers I’d love to work with, or ‘Bands I look up to’ and you might encourage them to support you back and get in touch!


Header Images are important!


Header images on Twitter and Facebook are free real estate for essential information relating to your brand. Got a tour coming up? Feature the dates in a nicely designed banner. Have a new website or merch store? Show a few products and a link on your banner!


Have a landing page


A landing page means exactly that, a page you want your audience to land on. For musicians, this would be a page on your website where your audience can hear (and purchase!) your music. By including this link in all of your social posts, if any of them get shared, so will that link, and should result in a greater amount of traffic to your site!


Keep the tags flowing!


Being a musician means you will be in contact with and collaborating with lots of other artists and fans. Whenever you publish a piece of social media content containing any of these people in the imagery, tag them! This also includes any business you are being sponsored by, or maybe the brands you use for your headphones, etc. This will increase the reach of your posts by appearing on the news feeds of the friends of those you have tagged, and the businesses you tag in might share you on their feeds or stories and introduce you to a much larger audience.


Plus by tagging any fans you meet and get their information from, they will share the post and say how much of a great time they had meeting you, and in turn, cause a lot more interest from their friends to visit your next session!


Tease your releases


If you’ve got new music coming soon, get your audience hyped! Don’t just release the music and be done with it, tease a small section of the track a week in advance, and make sure to include a release date so people know when to be online and check out the song asap!


You could even set up an email campaign, invite people to sign up, and then release the track early to them. Making people feel like they are a part of your brand’s family increases their connection and loyalty to your brand. Mailchimp offers a free email campaign and email collection service so check them out.




Hopefully, these tips will help you boost your brand’s online presence. If you are in need of someone else to create your social media content and do your social media marketing for you, we are here to help! Get in touch with us via phone, email, or by visiting our website. 01752 746890     [email protected]