2021 has only just begun, but brands are already starting to make big changes to their image, and in the process, setting a trend for others to follow. Let’s go through the logo design trends that we are seeing becoming more prominent as we go through 2021.




Two of the biggest social media marketing platforms, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, have recently upgraded their logos to contain gradients. With simplified, one-colour logos taking over the branding industry as of late, a few brands have tried to stand out from the crowd and push the branding industry in a new direction, by adding a gradient effect. 



We predict that this will see a big jump in the coming months as the gradient effect reflects a changing vibe and environment, just like the real world. Already we are seeing new gradient logo designs from Autism Speaks, Avon, and more.

“…the new colour gradient isn’t point-to-point, but more organic, based on the curves of a woman’s face.” – James Chittenden, global creative leader. Read More: https://www.avonworldwide.com/news/behind-the-brand-james-chittenden




A trend that is cropping up more and more in the branding industry is minimalistic logos The most common brands utilizing this design style are car brands, with Nissan, BMW, and Volkswagen all switching from complex, three-dimensional logos to simple, digital-friendly, one-colour designs.



This was a big trend for 2020 and it looks to be continuing through 2021, as Kia kicked off the new year with their new minimalistic redesign, showing that other car brands are looking to follow suit or risk being left in the dust.

Negative Space


Logo designers love a good use of negative space. It’s a great way to make your business’s branding have more of a wow factor, while still staying contemporary and clean. Plus it creates a logo that people will talk about for years to come, either via a “best logo design” blog, or a post that blows people’s mind by revealing the hidden design elements that people never realized, such as the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo or the hidden bear on the Toblerone mountain. 



A great example of this is the logo for the World Snooker Tour (WST), where they’ve utilized the iconic imagery into the logo’s typeface as negative space, thus making the branding instantly recognizable as a Snooker brand, without shoving it in your face.





We can’t talk about logo design in 2021 without mentioning Burger King. They started the year with a whopper of a redesign that hit number one on Twitter’s trending list in record time and harkened back to the ’60s, with brown and orange uniforms, and a rebrand of their logo from that era. As you have no doubt seen in the movie industry, nostalgia sells, and some brands are realizing that it doesn’t just relate to the film industry, but to all industries. With the pandemic still sweeping the nation, people want to be reminded of better times, and one way that brands can do this is by taking what’s old and making it new again.




Do you know what’s better than a brand name? A shorter brand name. People like words that slip off the tongue rather than tongue twisters. A great example of this is Google, they have become so popular that they can title their brand spin-offs with a simple G beforehand. Gmail, Gdrive, you know instantly that it’s Google, plus it rolls off the tongue a lot better! As well as making their names consistent, Google also recently created a consistent brand image across all of their services, utilizing the various iconic colours of their main logo and incorporating them into different images that relate to their respective service.



If you have a brand that has multiple offshoots, or even a brand with a long name that many people will struggle to remember, let’s see about making an abbreviation!





Hopefully, these logo design trends have inspired you to take another look at your own branding and see if it needs a touch-up or redesign. You might even be someone who has no logo at all! Get in touch with a member of our team today and let’s see how we can help with all your digital marketing and branding needs. [email protected] 01752 746890