So, you’re looking to have some social media management. Content creation, ads, email campaigns, the whole shebang. But should your business choose to hire an in-house marketer or do you outsource to a digital marketing agency?

Now obviously, you are reading a blog from a digital marketing agency, so we are probably going to be a bit biased. But this is exactly why we decided to cover this topic, to help break down the differences so you can decide for yourself if we are for you or not. So let’s get started.




When hiring an in-house social media manager, their activities revolve around one brand only. Some companies choose to employ a social media marketer instead of outsourcing these services, but this is typically limited to bigger brands with the money to build their own team to produce and distribute content. 


A social media marketing agency is typically cheaper and has multiple options to spread the cost over monthly or weekly payments. You also get the benefit of sometimes only paying a one-off payment if you are looking for a single ad or our branding package.

This is a huge difference considering an in-house designer would involve a monthly salary and is the reason why it’s more common for big businesses like Amazon to hire an in-house designer, rather than a local scrapyard.


Focus Time


Working for one business allows you to spend more time developing content, communicating with customers, and interacting with the team to get more unique content. With an outsourced social media marketing agency, however, while they are spending time on multiple business’s social media content, they are always learning what works for different brands and can use this to improve your own.

If you allow us to, we are completely happy to comment as your brand to respond to customer questions or general comments in order to build engagement and increase your followers. Our designers are not based in your office so the contact with your team is limited to email, WhatsApp, and phone calls, but if you are locally based in Plymouth or slightly further away, we can come to you and speak in person, or you can come to us! 


If you are located outside of the South West and require any photography or videography, we will travel to spend a day or two with you to do some shoots that aid your social media marketing.


Are multiple heads better than one?


The famous saying is that “Two heads are better than one” but does this relate to social media marketing? Being an in-house designer allows you to spend your time on one brand, learning every day more and more about the company and the people who work for it, but after a while, you might experience fatigue and start to follow the motions with your content.

It can be hard being the only designer in the building, especially when the other members of your team have zero understanding of the sector or may have never used social media before. A social media marketing agency, however, is full of various different designers, each with their own styles, backgrounds, and skill sets.

Another famous saying is “Jack of all trades, master of none”. With our team, each member has their key areas of expertise, from video editing to illustration, allowing us to add something special to your business, despite not being there 24/7.


Added Benefits


Following on from the previous topic, a social media marketing agency hires staff for multiple needs. This includes SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and involves helping your social media content to boost your rankings on Google until it eventually becomes the number one result when searching for a multitude of specific terms.

We also have a dedicated videographer and photographer who has an extensive background in the field, whereas an in-house designer, might have some experience in that field, but more often than not, they will have basic smartphone photography skills, which can be enough for your business, especially if your main goal is to create Instagram stories and Reels, but if you are looking for professional product shots and similar things, our team is the way to go.

We also have an illustrator on the team, who can create bespoke characters to become mascots for your brand and add a unique perspective to your logo design and branding compared to a typical graphic designer. 


Better Marketing Tools


Most in-house designers will probably use their phone as their primary scheduling machine, posting directly to your brand’s social media accounts. With a digital marketing agency, we utilise a range of marketing tools to schedule our client’s content.

Not only do we schedule our content using the online tool, Agorapulse, we also utilise other tools to keep track of contracts and phone calls, as well as access to a massive library of stock imagery, music, and templates, allowing us to create bombastic content that would take any designer months to create.




People who worked for a single brand have continued their growth by moving to a bigger brand in the same sector, allowing them to be a master at marketing for that specific sector, you just have to make sure you are hiring the right person for the job, and realise that the more experience they have, the more they will charge.

Many agencies often require that marketers have at least a few years of experience working in another agency, but it’s not mandatory and if they at least have a design background and the relevant degrees for the job, they have a chance and will learn quickly while on the job.

So after reading through this article, which side are you leaning towards? I hope we have helped you get closer to making a decision that benefits your business the most. If the decision is to go for our digital marketing agency, you can contact us via phone on 01752 746890 or email [email protected]. We hope to hear from you soon, or at the very least see your social media thriving in the near future!