Video content is one of, if not the most viewed content on social platforms. It’s engaging, grabs your attention as you’re scrolling and can be anything from a funny cat video to a powerful politician statement, or even a powerful political statement using cats! With video’s rise in popularity, all of the social media platforms have had their go at capitalising on the buzz with unique new ways of sharing. For Instagram, this came to be known as Instagram TV or IGTV as it’s more commonly referred to.  IGTV is a great avenue for your video-based marketing, so let’s give a breakdown of what this feature is and how to best use it.  

What is IGTV? 

When uploading videos to your Instagram feed, videos have a limit of 60 seconds. IGTV allows you to share long-form videos of up to 60 minutes via your computer, or up to 15 minutes from your phone. As well as allowing for longer videos, you can choose to have a quick look of the uploaded video posted to your main feed. This preview will last for 60 seconds and then ask the viewer to watch the remaining portion via IGTV. 

Using IGTV for your business 

As we mentioned earlier, video-based content is one of the most interacted pieces of media on social platforms, so it’s going to be one. So much so that a study found that six out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos than television and 72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through videos. With such high statistics as that, it’s no wonder why video is an essential part of many businesses’ digital marketing. 

5 ideas for your Instagram TV strategy 

Here are a few ideas that you could include in your IGTV strategy: 

2. Provide in-depth tutorials 

Longer videos allow for more in-depth descriptions. If you are a business responsible for selling products, IGTV can be a good way to shed some light on what you sell, and boost your audience’s confidence in your brand and products.  

3. Behind the scenes videos 

Going off the more in-depth theme, IGTV videos are a great opportunity to show the behind the scenes workings of your business. This could involve showing what goes into making your products, your employees’ day to day in the workplace, the sillier side of your office and more. Behind the scenes videos help build a stronger relationship with your audience, remove the corporate vibe and show the real you.  

4. Streaming 

Streaming allows you to broadcast a live feed of whatever you are doing in the moment, and allows your audience to talk to you directly, getting instant responses from you and helping to build audience trust by removing the need for them to send a query through an automated system.  

How to use IGTV effectively 

Stick to the specs 

The most important thing to do for your IGTV videos is to keep your content to the IGTV dimensions. Here are the specs and recommendations you need to follow: 

  • Make your video MP4 format. 
  • Vertical videos need to have an aspect ratio of 9:16. 
  • Horizontal videos, need to have an aspect ratio of 16:9. 
  • Keep video frame rates at least 30 FPS (frames per second). 
  • Resolution = 720 pixels or higher. 
  • Maximum file size for videos under 10 minutes is 650 MB. 
  • Maximum file size for videos up to 60 minutes is 3.6 GB. 

Click here to find out how to upload to IGTV 

So now you should have a greater understanding of the IGTV feature and can effectively use it for your digital marketing needs. If you are in need of any digital marketing services, get in touch with us on 📞+44 7496 088297 or ✉️ [email protected]