Let’s talk about the newest gaming sensation, Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a new game from UK based developer Mediatonic that has rapidly swept the nation. It’s a 60-player “Battle Royale”, which if you are unfamiliar with the term refers to games where multiple people are against each other until there is a single victor or team. Think ‘The Hunger Games’, but less teen romance and people using baking skills to camouflage in the ground. 

While most battle royales go for the first or third-person shooter approach, with the biggest hitters being Call of Duty’s Warzone mode, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and the biggest of them all, Fortnite, Fall Guys goes for a more family-friendly approach, with 60 players “falling” into a new arena of obstacles, with the goal being to reach the end of each round until you are the only one remaining. The game is heavily reminiscent of classic shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Total Wipeout. At the time of writing this, the game has been out for about a month and has already become the most downloaded video game though Playstation’s monthly subscription service, since it’s implementation back in 2010. 

There were a lot of pieces to the puzzle of Fall Guy’s success, but the part we are going to focus on is the exceptional work from the Senior Community Manager of Mediatonic, Oliver Hindle. 

The Fall Guys twitter account is one of memes, humor, community engagement and above all else, personality. It doesn’t feel like a corporate brand trying to push their product, but more of an individual who wants to share the bright side of the Fall Guy’s community. In return highlighting how the game has brought people together over the common goal of obtaining an in-game crown. 

Topics of Discussion 

Over the past few weeks, the account has talked about many topics, including the online conspiracy of the “Yellow Team” being worse than the other competiting colours… 

Sharing fanart of potential Fall Guys character outfits and weird fan theories about their design… 

Hundreds of costume ideas have been shared with the Fall Guys twitter account.
From iconic movie and video game characters, to other brand mascots!

With a character so simple & innocent, it’s become the perfect playground for artists to adapt & imagine what’s really going on under their cute exterior.

Most brands avoid referencing this type of content, but Fall Guys embraces it.

Smack talking famous streamers to encourage support and make the eventual victory all the more exciting… 

The Fall Guys Twitter account had playful banter with popular Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, resulting in Tim’s audience joining the bandwagon and egging
him on to keep playing until he got the win.

and even addressing the launch week server issues caused due to too many players, by creating a separate account that updates everyone on any technical issues! 

All of these methods of engagement have created a fun and always adapting community around this game, helping it to stay in the collective consciousness and find new audiences through reblogs and hearts. 

The Power of a Community 

The number of costume suggestions grew more and more with each passing day, to the point where the Mediatonic team used the demand to help raise money for SpecialEffect, a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. 

They kicked off with a contest post explaining that the highest bid on the closing date will receive the prize of having their costume design featured in their game. 

He even went to the effort of tagging a bunch of brands that might be interested or have already expressed interest. Popular American food chain ‘Arby’s’ had already sent a costume design to them before this contest was even formed, that’s how far this game had grown in it’s reach! 

This caused an avalanche of replies, each trying to outbid one another all in the aid of charity, so it was all good fun. Once it came to deadline day, it all seemed certain who would win, until a tweet from popular streamer and Fortnite sensation ‘Ninja’ came out of nowhere announcing a $1,000,000 donation in partnership with other influencers and brands. A huge achievement and a brilliant end to the contest. 

As well as donating $1,000,000 they announced a charity
stream to help raise more for the cause. Showing the true
power and love of a community.

Oliver’s Notes 

To our delight, Oliver was kind enough to share his process on his personal Twitter account for all to see and learn. Let’s run through a few of his points below. 

Growth Loop 

By following an effective set loop, you give yourself a consistent flow of growth. The three points can be adapted to suit your specific business too. 

Twitter Notes 

Twitter is a constantly evolving space, with trending subjects and hashtags changing every hour. By jumping on these bandwagons in a tasteful way that still relates to your brand, you can grow your audience quicker and stay in the trending bubble. 

If you would like to read the full thread from Oliver, it is available here: https://bit.ly/3bnK44T

Oliver ended his Twitter thread by mentioning; 

“As always, I just want to promote the idea that Marketing and Community Management is all just a multiplier on the game itself. Fall Guys is a super appealing game and the devs absolutely smashed it on that front. My activities were just a multiplier on their awesome work!” 

Fall Guys has skyrocketed to internet and commercial success in such a short amount of time via multiple mediums. The game itself is the most obvious selling point but with the effective marketing of Oliver and the team behind Mediatonic, this little battle royale has successfully obtained the Twitter crown!