Your business wants to be the best of the best, right? You want to stand out from the competitors and keep your audience pumped and excited to see more? I thought so! 

Check out this list below to discover a handful of ways to get your audience as hyped as possible! 

Strong Headlines

If you’re here reading this, you must have found the post promoting this blog to be appealing. Chances are it was due to the big, bold, and to the point text. When creating social media posts, you have to be aware that many people are either frantically walking around the city, sat on the loo, or lounging around and aren’t necessarily looking for your content, but rather scrolling down their feeds to pass the time. With that being said, if your post has too many words before it gets to the point (kind of like this paragraph) your audience will lose interest and scroll on by, not even bothering to check the copy for any links to further information. Keep it short, keep it snappy, make it big, and grab those eyeballs! 

Keep the content varied 

A great way to keep your audience excited for what’s next is to keep switching up the content. This doesn’t mean a completely new concept every single day, but more like having a structure of blog, review, funny GIF, tease, repeat. You can even change up the design elements after a few weeks or months to make the content feel fresh to the viewer while still be recognisably you. Posting the same type of content day in and day out will bore people, but when they don’t know what funny GIF or tease will be coming up tomorrow, it keeps them on board for things to come. 

Build-up and pay off 

Speaking of teases, a great way to build hype and actually pay off is to post countdown or tease posts throughout the weeks/days. We recently created countdown posts for DFY, a charity that helps children learn core social skills through the means of sport. As well as being a countdown post for a fundraiser, each post highlighted a different sportsman that supported the project, as well as the rewards people could receive for donating to their fundraiser. This helped make the actual fundraiser launch video gain big engagement, and within a few days they had already reached 60% of their goal! 


You know what people love? Free things. Competitions are one of the best ways to engage your audience, create buzz and encourage sharing to others. By having a prize that still relates to your brand and is winnable from simple likes, comments or shares, you can increase your brand recognition and get people on to see more or await future competitions! 

Keep an eye on what gets people engaged 

Certain posts do better than others on different businesses social media accounts. Review posts might do better for a restaurant than a sports club, for example. We here at AME Social are lucky to have access to reports that let us know how well each post does for each business, what the best time of day to post is, and more. Some social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have their own insights, accessible by anyone to see how their posts are doing, and this is a great way to discover what works and what doesn’t. This can then be implemented into the structure of future content and slowly but surely, you should see an increase in interaction and leads! 


So, at the end of the day, keep you content short and snappy, keep an eye on what your audience likes, vary up the content and get your audience all aboard the hype train! 

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