Want to become a Facebook marketing aficionado and boost your business’s sales and reach? 

More and more marketers want to learn more about Facebook marketing, and the main point we need to raise is, if you truly want to make Facebook work for you, your approach needs to change. But rest assured, you DO NOT need a big budget, a big team, or to be fully reliant on ads. 

The key to increasing your reach 

By looking at the strategies of other successful Facebook marketers, you’ll discover how to make highly engaging content and ultimately sell more products. 

Website Linking 

Many brands count on social media to get eyes on their websites and increase their online sales. Including your website in your post’s graphics or copy will improve traffic and increase the site’s SEO, meaning that your website will move higher up on Google’s search results. 

Finding the Right Fans 

Random fans are useless. They don’t engage and they don’t have a positive influence on your marketing campaigns. 

By building a targeted audience, you’ll gain consistent engagement and possibly create a chain reaction of new followers. Reaching people that are tuned to your interests will benefit you in the long run, whereas looking for random fans may result in a few likes, but the vast majority of them will fade off after a few posts due to not being fully invested in the first place. 

Strong Brand Presence 

The first thing you need is a brand image that sticks in the minds and hearts of your audience. This can be done through design and message consistency and posting content that is relevant to your business but still engaging. 

Using Audience Insights 

By using Audience Insights, you can obtain a target persona to hit with any future content. 

Gender, age, background, location, and occupation are all black and white data points that you can collect. 

You can then flesh it out with more substantive information like: 

• What are their pain points? 

• What are their interests? 

• What are their attitudes and beliefs towards your business or industry? 

• What are their objections and how will you address them? 

Targeted Ads 

You can create a custom audience modelled after your ideal persona. This way, when you boost or promote a post, you’re more likely to reach those people. 


Currently, by having people like your posts, future content will appear higher up on their feed. If they don’t like the content then it will most likely be very far down their feed unless they go on Facebook close to the time you posted. 

A way to get around this is by asking your followers to head to your Facebook page and click on “Get Notifications.” This ensures that fans will be notified of every update from your page. 

Asking people to do this may deter fans but if you are posting great content consistently then people will want to be kept in the loop. 

Content Checklist 

Your posts need to be designed with the thought in mind that people would want to share, comment or like them. 

Here are some tips for creating captivating content: 

• Use solid visuals 

• Don’t be too formal 

• Keep it short and snappy 

• Ask a pertinent question 

• Be human 

• Have a clear call to action 

Do live Q&A’s 

By doing consistent live Q&A streams on your Facebook page, you can learn more about your audience and how to improve the experience for them. 

Create Exclusive Groups 

Facebook has hundreds of groups forming every day, and these can be a fantastic way to build a closer connection with our community and learn more about them, yourself, and how to improve your brand. 

In 2016, Facebook stated that 1 billion people use Facebook groups every month. 

Groups are a great way to build a community and can be used to market your products or services more effectively, while also using the group to explain what the product or service involves more in-depth. 

A great example of this is with our client, the Nail Tech Network. They have multiple Facebook groups that are growing more and more every day. By having them be an exclusive thing, they build intrigue and demand to join, ultimately making the members feel more attached to the brand. Nail Tech Network even refer to their members as the #NTNFamily, helping to strengthen the idea of the brand being a part of their life, rather than a passing appreciation. 

Hopefully, these tips will allow you to increase your sales and reach on Facebook. If you’d like more assistance, advice, or for us to create the audience retaining content, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at +44 7496 088297 or [email protected]