The day has finally arrived. Shops are opening back up again, under certain guidelines of course, but this is a big moment for a lot of businesses who have been struggling for a long time. The question is, are you coming back with as big a bang as you’d like? Your business could use a good boost, and with digital marketing you can make your voice heard at a time when you need it most.

So how do we do this?

Digital marketing has many avenues to aid your business, but for this situation the best options in our opinion would be to take advantage of social media post creation and ad/lead generation.

Nothing says “We’re back” like, well, a “We’re back” post! Our team of designers can come up with an engaging and visually exciting graphic that announces your re-opening to the world and can include any info you require, such as opening times etc. After that initial post, we can create more custom social content for you talking about anything you desire, and our designer will do extensive research in your field to come up with content ideas that will help increase engagement for your page and help your business stand out from the competition. Our social media posts can be standard static imagery, motion graphics/videos or a mix of both!

When it comes to digital marketing, ads are king. Whereas social media posts will reach your page’s current fans and followers, with the potential of reaching more people based on if the content is shared, ads are specifically made to target audiences with your content that are not following you already. When you scroll down your social feeds, you’ll probably have seen an ad or two. We can create a custom ad for you that talks about any aspect of the business you wish, with our ad experts chipping in with their knowledge on what would be good to advertise and will be with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most leads possible from your content.

There are many extra digital marketing services we can provide for you on top of these, and we have a range of packages that combine all of them together for an affordable price.

If you’d like us to help your business come back with a bang, get in touch via phone or email.

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