1. Using poor or stolen imagery for your branding 

Branding is the first thing people see and judge about your business. You need an image that is recognisable, gets across your brand’s message and can be adapted for different mediums and colours. A few businesses think they can just use ClipArt, take images from Google results or have no proper branding at all. Not only does branding add professionalism, but it also gives your target market confidence to look into your business further. Don’t skimp out on branding. 

2. Unwilling to invest 

Companies get nowhere without taking risks from time to time. When you’ve made enough for your business you can afford to try new avenues for your marketing. Investing more in ads, more posts created, logo redesigns and more. 

3. Unwilling to adapt 

If you look at all the big brands, you’ll notice something, they all keep up with the latest trends and use them as marketing tactics to grow a better connection with their audiences. Adapting with the times is prevalent in most aspects of life. You’re not going to keep using cabled phones when smartphones exist, so why should you be using the same marketing tactics when new ones are always appearing. 

One example of a recent marketing tactic is memes. These are funny images that are widely shared across the internet and adapted over and over in fun new ways. Businesses need to grow and evolve if they want to succeed. Businesses unwilling to include new technology, try out new platforms or experiment with new audiences are unlikely to stay profitable in the ever-changing business world. 

Companies need to do whatever they can (within reason) to tailor to their desired audience, otherwise, they will come off as stale and other companies will be quick to take them in. Through experimentation, you can reach a new audience, maximise profits and revive your brand. 

4. Lack of consistency 

If you do have branding, social posts and all the trimmings, the other thing you should look out for is lack of consistency. Having a cover photo and social media posts that keep the same brand guidelines as your logo, your business will have a more professional and consistent look overall. Posting a standard photograph one day and a high-quality graphic the next and then following that up with a low-resolution post makes your brand look unorganised and like it’s just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks rather than a brand that’s confident in itself and how it operates. 

5. Going ahead without triple checking 

Many businesses run into the issue of being tone deaf or posting in the wrong place at the wrong time. An example would be putting up a billboard for the latest zombie franchise right next to a funeral director, which is something that actually happened. Having other people in your business check over your work before it goes out is essential to ensure you don’t make any business threatening blunders. 

Hopefully, these points will get you to reflect on your business and improve your brand for the better. 

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