So, you’ve decided to start your journey into the world of YouTube. This is a big moment for you, and you want to do everything in your power to come out the gate swinging, right? Well without proper branding for your channel, you’ll be another anonymous face in a sea of start-ups. Having effective branding can be the key to obtaining your dream results, and can be even more effective than the video content itself!

Channel Image
This is the image that represents your channel and brand. It appears in multiple areas including the top of your channel page, next to your video titles and next to any comments you make. This image needs to be instantly recognisable as you and should stand out from the sea of images. This is usually done by having an illustrated or graphical logo rather than a standard photograph of yourself.

Banner Image
Banners are the long image that appears at the very top of your YouTube channel. It’s the first thing a lot of people will see when visiting your channel and the large size allows for you to get across what your channel is about or use it as a showcase for your iconic moments, characters or social media links. You can even use the banner as a schedule list so your audience know when you typically upload. The banner image can be customised in many ways to fit your tastes and many YouTubers design their banner using the same theme as their Channel Image, helping to keep a professional look all around and tie the two images together. Change it up every few months to keep it fresh or fit with a specific holiday like Halloween.

Channel Trailer
One of the most effective elements of your YouTube channel is the Channel Trailer. This is displayed on the channel home page and is used by many YouTubers as a highlight or intro reel, showcasing everything you need to know about the channel. This is a great way to attract new subscribers and can evolve every few months to reflect how your channel has changed.

This is the image you choose to represent your new video. You’ll see these thumbnails everywhere on YouTube, and each one uses different techniques to draw audiences in depending on the video’s subject matter. Red arrows pointing at something secret, people making heightened expressions, illustrated representations of themselves and more. A good thumbnail is vital for your video’s engagement as when people are viewing videos, they will always have suggested videos displayed to them on the side screen. This side screen becomes a battle of the thumbnails and the most attractive one to that specific audience will succeed so design wisely.

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