So you’ve decided to spend some cash on an ad, awesome! But now the question is, who should you use? Facebook or Instagram? There are different advantages for each, and the same ad running on both platforms will yield different results, so let’s go through them together so that by the end of this, you’ll have a clearer understanding of where you want to go.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has been around for a long time now, with more and more people joining everyday. It’s one of the best places to post your ads, especially if you are looking to reach a wide and diverse audience. Unlike Instagram, which is more commonly used by the younger generation, Facebook is used by a wide age range of teens, adults, and even seniors! The majority of Facebook’s users are actually in the middle age to pensioner age these days, so keep that in mind when thinking if your product or ad message is suitable for this target audience.

Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences, and only those people. You can pinpoint your ad to hit people from specific locations, specific age groups, interests, and other demographics like relationship status or education level.

Facebook is very in-depth when it comes to what you can track. If you want to figure out if you’re getting a positive return on investment or relevant click, definitely check out the reports section. Here you’ll see everything you need to know about how your ads are doing and what might need improving.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is on it’s way to overthrowing Facebook for the top spot of most used social media platform, which makes sense why Facebook bought them a few years ago. This service is a very photo/video heavy place, so if engaging graphics are your thing, this is the place to be.
While the current average audience are teens to early adults, the platform is seeing more and more age ranges joining as it becomes a bigger phenomenon each day.

You can convert previous posts and stories into ads with ease, and while Facebook has a much more in depth audience tracking, Instagram’s is perfect for advertising newcomers who just want the basics explained to them. Instagram ads will have call-to-action buttons underneath the image that direct you to a specified link, whereas Facebook’s will either be a link address or the image itself is the link. Another difference between the two is that when scrolling through Facebook, you’ll tend to see the copy first before the image. Instagram is image first, copy second so you need to make sure your content is fully engaging and snappy to encourage people to want to know more by reading the more in-depth copy below or even just encouraging them to click the call-to-action with short simple text on the graphic.

Due to Facebook buying Instagram a few years ago, they have some cross promotion options available. You can manage your ads on both platforms with the Facebook Ad Manager. This makes it easier for marketers to select multiple audiences and placements, manage results and the results are downloadable.

Facebook’s Ad Manager has an Objectives option which allows you to achieve specific goals by selecting them from a set menu before posting. Keep in mind that not all the objectives listed are available for Instagram.


If you are new to advertising and want to test the waters before going into too much detail, and also want to increase brand awareness with eye-grabbing content, use Instagram.

Whereas, if you want to advertise to a wide age range and focus on website clicks or more text heavy content like articles, all with the benefit of an in-depth result system, use Facebook.