It’s been a long year already despite it only being May, and with businesses starting to slowly open up again, it’s probably got you thinking about what your next steps are, or how you can improve your business before stepping back into the working world again.

This blog will go through a few handy tips to potentially boost your business and get you back on track for the eventual end of lockdown.

1. Run some ads on social media

With a lot of businesses struggling to make money in this current situation, it has resulted in a lot less advertising on social platforms than usual. While this is an unfortunate development, it does open up the door for people with some cash to splash to take advantage of reaching an almost untapped audience while the others are on hold.

Another reason it’s one of the best times to use advertising on social platforms is because almost everyone is at home right now, and what do you think they are doing for most of that time? You guessed it, browsing social media.

Use Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or even tweak existing ads to relate to the current climate. Strike while the iron is hot! If you need help running or creating an advertisement, get in touch with us and our ad experts can help you get the most out of your ideas.  

2. Keep up the social media content

Another thing businesses have been doing since lockdown has been reducing or completely stopping their social media posts. Reasons for this typically boil down to lack of funds or the feel of it being pointless while not being able to go to work.

Just like what we talked about with using ads, the increased number of people at home means keeping social media content going could be more beneficial now than it’s ever been! Even if you can’t go to your work right now, this is a great time to get to know your community by posting more personal subject matters, getting feedback from your audience, informing them of your services so they can think about purchasing them after lockdown, and more.

Another advantage of continuing your content is to keep the flow of engagement up. A lot of social platforms have algorithms that encourage consistent posting to your pages. The more engagement your posts get, the more people will see your posts the next day, and so on. If you suddenly stop posting for weeks, when you come back it could be a long climb again to reach those same numbers. Have a browse of some social pages next chance you get and see how they are keeping their engagement going and their business in the limelight.    

3. Work on your website, or create one!

With many people unable to go to their stores, they might be sat at home with a lot of unused stock, or simply wondering how to keep money coming in. A huge leap forward for your brand and business would be to open an online store, allowing you to reach that huge audience currently online, keep money coming in, and clear out any remaining stock!

If you already have a website, now is a good time to really look it over and think if it’s the best it can be for you and your business’s needs. Maybe it needs a makeover, or an extra page for something specific?

Hopefully these points will get you thinking about your business assets and if they are the best they can be right now. You probably didn’t have a lot of time to really sit down and think about this stuff before, so make the most of it now and reap the benefits!