Social media has become so much more than just a place to catch up with friends in recent years. In today’s age, businesses should be taking advantage of all the advertising opportunities presented to them via these social platforms, as they are one of the best ways of reaching your target audience. You can generate sales, start conversations or simply just get people’s reactions and word of mouth about your content.

Having paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram means that when people are scrolling down their feed, they might see your content even if they are not already following you. These ads can include direct links to the item or to your online shop for example, thus creating a simple and effective means of obtaining a larger audience.

Shopping on Instagram

With over a billion users browsing every month, Instagram has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest social media platform around today, and because of this they have updated their e-commerce capabilities to be the best they can be.

Instagram has made is so you have the ability to integrate their social shopping features into your stories and posts. Direct links underneath the images you post and “Swipe Up” features on Instagram stories allow you to be taken directly to a specific link through a simple motion. You can even target your ads for specific business goals like Brand Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generations, Store Visits, and more.

A lot of people worry about spending money on social media ads with the fear of it not resulting in any leads. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a sale, you might feel more confident in trying it out when you learn that  75% of users take action on Instagram ads according to HootSuite.

One of the newest features for Instagram is the ability to seamlessly promote on both Instagram and Facebook, due to the fact that Instagram is now owned by them. This means that you can promote your ads via two of the biggest social media giants around for potentially big returns!

Shopping on Facebook

For Facebook, their shopping capabilities are a lot more complex, and that’s a good thing! Due to their partnership with Shopify in 2015, it is now possible to set up a shop, allowing consumers to buy directly from the platform. It works a lot like eBay if you’ve ever used that before. All you need to do is list your product with appropriate photographs and descriptions, give them a price and let customers know where it’s located. Then let them know if you offer delivery or it’s a pick up from a location situation. Now you just share it to world and you can even promote it in specific Facebook groups so say for instant if you were based in Plymouth, you could promote it in Plymouth buy and sell community groups to increase your reach!

Like Instagram, Facebook also allows for direct targeting through ads. You can choose age, location, and demographics, as well as business goals like Lead Generation, App Installs, Post Engagement, and more. Their ads again will come up in people’s feeds that aren’t following you and will drive them to your site or desired location. As the publisher, you can see underneath the post how much engagement and reach it has received, thus giving you more insight into what ads work and what to focus on for future ads.

How to stand out with eCommerce

Here are a few easy ways to drive conversions through eCommerce:

  • Use engaging images and videos
  • Offer free shipping
  • Keep your prices competitive with the current markets
  • Advertise across multiple platforms
  • Check analytics to see what’s working and adapt
  • Constantly update your eCommerce sites and check they are functioning
  • Exclusive discounts for specific targeted locations (Dedicated fans)

Good luck out there, and if you need any help creating effective ads, give us a call!