Any good business owner knows that to keep up with trends, customer experiences & the newest technology, they need to be updating & evolving constantly. The new year has brought about many different features across social media platforms which are important to stay up to date with so you don’t lose momentum. A new decade also means a new set of algorithm updates for social media platforms. In case you need a quick refresher, social media algorithms are how channels decide which posts users see, and in what order, every time they check their newsfeeds. Keep reading to get the details of the Facebook changes in 2020 that we think you should know about!


This year, Facebook is putting the focus on helping its users understand the algorithm, to be able to take control of ranking signals; who a user usually interacts with, the type of media in the post & the popularity of the post. Ranking signals are data points about a user’s past behavior, and the behavior of everyone else on the platform, too.


At the end of 2019, the average reach for Facebook posts was down by a whopping 2.2%, meaning that company posts were only being seen by about 5.5% of their Page’s followers! 


Here are the things you need to know in 2020 to get on top of the algorithm:


Think before you post

Probably one of the most important things you should be doing is thinking hard & coming up with a strategy before you publish any posts. Once it’s out there, there’s no getting it back!

Try not to be too controversial & think about what your audience wants before posting any memes or jokes that could come across as offensive. Also, think about the volume of sales style posts you do, no one wants to be spammed by content, do they? Be real, show your face & share news about your business.


Use video content

Yes, we know this is said a lot, but it’s really important! Photos are wonderful (if done well), but a video goes much further. It keeps your audience on your page for longer, tells them more about your brand & increases the aesthetics of your page.

Videos could be about a customer review, a new product launch, an update from the owner or even a vlog; a day at work for example. This sort of media will keep your audience engaged more than a photo or a simple copy post & add massive value to your page which Facebook will recognize & reward you for.


Start conversations that get people talking to each other

One of the algorithm’s key ranking signals is whether or not a user has already been engaging with your Page. No one is going to interact with your brand Page as they would with their friends’ pages, but the likes & shares you do get on your business page will go a long way towards increasing your reach on future posts.

Basically you have to put in the work before the algorithm can start to recognize and reward your page as one that has value. The best way to earn more engagement is to be genuine & honest in your posts & interactions with customers.


Post when your audience is online

To do this right, you’ll need to look into your Facebook analytics. Facebook is quite helpful with this. Just check your audience tab within the Insights & you’ll find the best days and times to post your content based on previous engagement rates. This goes without saying though, sometimes it can take some trial and error, and you obviously have to be posting plenty & consistently to get the data to work from!


Use organic AND paid posts

Depending on how often you post, you want to include part of your marketing spends on Facebook ads too. Your brand’s organic content will deepen the relationship with your audience, but Facebook ads are the best way to expand your brand awareness to the billions of potential customers on the platform every day.


Update your audience

Yes, you might be the smarty pants in the office when it comes to marketing & using Facebook in the most advantageous ways, but your audience might not! 

Make sure you let them know that when they follow or like your Page, they can also check the ‘See First’ button to let the algorithm know that your posts are important to them. If they are genuine followers who really care about your company through the content you post & the products/services you do, then they will absolutely click this option – they just have to know about it first!


Encourage your customers to shout about your business

This is harder than it sounds, but what better referral can a business have than one between friends, users & influencers! Even if a customer doesn’t have 1 million followers, their organic reach is still going to be less limited than your business page. User-generated content is the strongest content AND it gives you a little something extra to share on your page! 


So, there you have it! The Facebook changes in 2020 & the things you need to know to get on top of the Facebook algorithm. So, what are you waiting for? Get to it! Start planning! OR if you need a helping hand coming up with a professional & foolproof social media strategy, contact us here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]