Do you need print-based marketing material for your business?

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You might have heard people discussing over the last few years whether or not print is dead. Everyone knows that the digital marketing world has exploded in the last decade & that print circulation has declined, but marketers who buy into the whole ‘print is dead’ thing are doing themselves a huge disservice & missing out on a very real way to connect with their target audience!


So, do you need print based marketing material? If we put it into perspective, all of the designers reading this; do you remember the days of creating your portfolio using one of those black leather/plastic portfolios with the handle? They became so generic didn’t they! But, funnily enough, once people clicked on to the fact that EVERYONE was using these basic portfolios to display their work, they began to create PDF portfolios instead that could be easily fired over to potential employers via email. 


However, do you know how MANY of these types of portfolios businesses receive to their email every single day? It’s ALOT & many will more than likely just get put straight into the junk folder. In some ways, the online portfolio has become the black leather portfolio.


My point is that to stand out from the crowd, you need to be covering all bases; digital & print. For example, your target audience might not have the knowledge to find what they need online & instead ask you for a business card with your phone number rather than an email address or a flyer/brochure with the details of your products & services in. Some people though, just love the feel of holding a physical object & reading off paper rather than a screen (I know I do! – especially if the paper has a nice feel to it & the design is good!) There is something human and substantial about print.


The print based marketing material industry definitely hasn’t disappeared, but its role has changed a lot. Newspapers, TV & radio are no longer the cornerstones of marketing. People have more ways to discover news and more choices than ever before to find what they need. Businesses should learn to embrace an integrated content marketing approach. 


What’s funny is that print, once the old-fashioned content marketing avenue, is now possible to actually feel unique & a different way to break thought the digital advertising clutter! Also, at the end of the day – you can’t put a website on your coffee table!


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