branding and logo design

Whether you’re a huge national company or a small independent business- your branding is the first thing potential clients see. It encompasses everything you stand for and gives people an immediate impression of what you’re about.

As you can imagine; it’s important to get it right! Below we’ve outlined the top 5 secrets to smashing your branding first time around. 

Colour is king 

Colour theory has been around for a very long time, so there must be something behind it, right? A recent study found that 92.6 percent of people think the visual aspects of a brand are the most important. No visual factor is more important than colour. We’ve been almost conditioned to associate certain colours with certain emotions to the point where it’s almost like a second language.

As a general rule of thumb, red evokes thoughts of passion, adventure and assertiveness. Purple is a royal colour, wise and creative. White makes us think of peace, purity and innocence. The list goes on, and while these associations change over time these are long-term cultural shifts which can take centuries.

Inject some personality 

As a Digital Agency whose ethos is all about getting down to the nitty-gritty of your business- we absolutely love learning about the people and passions behind your company. What makes you tick as a person, what gets you excited and how you project yourself can make a huge difference to the way your business is portrayed- because after all, your business is you! 

It’s important that you don’t lose yourself when designing a new brand. Elements of your own personality should shine through and you should be proud to show this off. 

Establish some defined brand guidelines

Once you’ve come up with a fab idea, you need to expand on this to create a full set of branding guidelines. These usually cover; 

  • Logo variations 
  • Brand colours
  • Taglines
  • Fonts and typography

Your brand guidelines are changeable BUT the worst thing you could do is to not have any at all. Without them, your branding efforts will lack the consistency and direction needed for success.

Keep continuity

When you begin showcasing your shiny new brand across your marketing material, website and social media- you need to stick to them! The worst thing you could do is start using a different font or adding crazy secondary colours. Trust us- stick to your brand guidelines and your audience will recognise you a lot quicker than if you don’t. Every time you deviate from your stated guidelines, you dilute your power by some small amount! 

Choose a great Digital Agency to take you through the entire process

Figuring out your branding on your own can be complicated, and a brand identity won’t be something you can do in a single day. Every aspect that goes into your brand identity, from your logo to your name, your website, and even your communication strategies is important. Ensure that when you build the brand identity, you do so with full knowledge of your competitors, customers and where you want to go in the future!

At Ame Social, we love getting to know each and every one of our clients. We take the time to come up with a bespoke logo and full branding package to give your business space to shine! Contact us about our branding services!