For some, a new year means new goals & new ways to achieve them – especially in business. As the online world & the way consumers buy progress, so do the ways in which we need to market ourselves! To the average business owner, keeping up to date with the latest & most successful ways to do this can be a bit of a bore. So, we’ve rounded up the top 5 (& easiest) ways to market your small business in 2020!


Inform, Entertain, Teach!


Whatever you put online has to genuinely engage your audience – in other words, add value to your potential customers by creating content (whether that be on social media, email campaigns or on your website) that they want to share with others!


Improve your customer service


How’s your response rate to emails & messages? What’s your cancellation rate on services? How often do you receive a complaint about your product/service & how quickly do you fix any problems? All too often businesses aren’t focussed on their current customers. Of course, it can be overwhelming for a small business to manage finances, business development & customers. But, they are an essential part of your entire existence so, look after them well!


Invest in your website


If you don’t already have a website, you should get one in 2020. Not just a website though – a website that is optimized for search engines & can be found for what it is you do! Having social media pages are not enough anymore – they aren’t personal to your brand, you can’t sell your products through them & you’re limited to who can find you based on location. 


Create more for people to look at


We’re talking about content marketing. Write a blog, create a graphic, invest in a video & give your audience something more than just a constant sales pitch. This links to the first point (Inform, Entertain, Teach!) & investing in your website. For example, regular blogging adds value to potential customers AND helps your SEO in the long run! Need help writing a blog? Read our guide.


Start to think long term – not about quick wins


If you can’t think long term no form of marketing (online or offline) will work for you. Don’t expect every other social media post to go viral or for your web traffic to suddenly climb just because you wrote a blog or updated your about section. Digital marketing isn’t a cookie-cutter solution & what works for one industry might not work for another – a lot of it is about trial & error. Some of the most important aspects of marketing have nothing to do with the actual marketing tactics.

They have everything to with your persistence and willingness to collaborate with other smart companies like digital marketing agencies….hint hint.


Make 2020 your year online! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]