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Have you ever paid for an item with your phone (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay or Google Pay) with just a tap? Or, use your credit/debit card by tapping on a payment device in a store, restaurant or carpark? Easy, swift and uncomplicated, NFC – New Field Communication seems like a bit of technological wizardry, but there is something very clever going on behind the effortless ‘Tap and Go’ system.


What is NFC?

NFC functions through a technology called ‘Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)’ and operates with wireless data transfer allowing a device in close proximity (4 cm or closer) to connect and communicate without any WIFI/Bluetooth connection. It is in this simple data connection, from your phone, tablet, laptop and other NFC-equipped devices, that the real magic of effortless transaction begins. ‘Tap and Go’, to use NFC for payments, data/information, keycodes or any other of the endless possibilities NFC are presenting weekly.  


How do you use it?

The simple fact is NFC is only going to grow exponentially, transforming the way we live, making life that little bit easier. Most people will have used this technology when paying for any items by your phone or tapping your debit/credit card on the card reader. Designers are now using NFC in cards, posters, and leaflets to relay information that can be scanned and stored on the move to any digital device. This means, if you ever see a poster with a film, show or concert you want to go to, you can scan the NFC within it and all the data and websites will come up on your device storing it to read later. This technology is only going to get bigger and used more frequently. It is now so second nature to us, we do it without thinking, it is like the action of ‘Tap and Go’ has embedded into our modern psyche.


The Future with NFC  

One word – ENDLESS!…using a NFC Chip!


Payments – debit/credit cards, Android Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and soon hold all loyalty card information. 

Data Transfer – posters, cards, leaflets, documents etc…

key codes – car, machinery, buildings etc… 

Electronic devices – toaster, heater, Alexa or even your coffee maker using an NFC Chip.


How do I know what devices have NFC?

Access www.nfcworld.com for an up to date list of all the current devices taking full advantage of  NFC technology today.


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