digital marketing trends for the future


Digital marketing trends evolve more and more as time goes on. The evolution is happening at a very fast pace too, which is why marketers should always be aware of what’s going on. When you know what’s going on, it’s easier to adapt & change with the emerging technologies to stay ahead of the market. It’s important to do so to be able to stay above your competitors, grow your business & be successful! 


Voice search

Apparently in 2020 50% of searches online will be done vocally. There are currently 2 types of voice searches available – those on smartphones via apps like Siri & those on smart speakers like Google Home.

The trick to this is to optimize your website SEO content in a way that sounds like you would speak. This requires thinking about what your target audience might say in their voice searches in all possible arrangements of the question because searchers are likely to be quite specific when asking a question.



A chatbot is usually installed on your website and pops up when a site visitor goes to one of your landing pages. There are a few ways in which they work but the majority of them work like this – The customer requires information about your product/service and they’re presented with different options on the chatbot. If they select the first option, they’ll be asked a series of automated questions to get the answers they need or they can select a second option to be directed to customer services via email, phone or live chat.

Chatbots can be pretty good especially if your website gets a lot of traffic. It’s a great way to filter out customers who are just browsing and customers who actually want to buy your products/services. Therefore, leading to higher website conversions.


Live videos & Stories

This is a big one to do – even for us (we’re working on it!) Live streaming videos is great because it’s free & it gets you in front of your audience quickly. Live streaming also allows you to improve your relationship with followers, reach a broader audience and increase traffic to your social channels. In our opinion, this one is the top of the digital marketing trends!


Remember though that the wonderful thing about the future is that no-one really knows what’s actually going to happen. So before you decide to put your entire marketing budget into optimizing your business for voice search and assigning job roles specifically for your facebook stories, take a step back to evaluate what you want for your business and prioritize that. What works for one person might not work for you – it’s all part of a sturdy business plan and a team that can work efficiently together at the end of the day! To further that, if your business is online already, you should already be invested in improving your SEO, customer services & your social media presence, so as long as you keep moving forward with all of those things, you shouldn’t actually need to worry too much about these ‘upcoming’ trends! So don’t panic!


And hey! Âme Social is a full-service digital agency based in the UK, so if you need help with the basics of your digital marketing or getting on top of trending ways of online marketing – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We might not have a chatbot on here (yet) BUT we are darn good at replying to our emails and answering the phone! Over & Out![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]