A blog is a sure fire way to increase your visibility through SEO- if done correctly of course. Another great way in which blogs can boost your reach (and convert customers!)  is through subscribers. Getting people to read your blog is important. Getting people to subscribe is essential… if you want them to become clients that is.


Blogs can contain great industry specifics, they are a gold mine for nuggets of knowledge for your blog subscribers! But, what’s the point of spending so much time sharing the ins and outs when no one is reading? 


When people subscribe to your blog, they provide you with their email address, meaning they finally pass from the ‘attract’ stage to the ‘convert’ stage. 


So, how do you get those all important blog subscribers in the first place?! Listen up.. 


It may seem obvious, but make sure users can see your subscribe button.


You’d be surprised how many businesses miss this all important step! Just to have a subscribe button is not enough. You need to draw attention to it- you need to make it attractive to potential subscribers. 


There are a variety of different ways to achieve this, but perhaps the most effective is a ‘pop up’ feature when a user clicks onto your blog page. This will then give them the option to provide their email address and get your latest blog straight to their inbox. 


Offer an incentive 


Give them something in return! It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Simply letting them know what subscribing to your blog gives them; insider industry knowledge for example- is a great way to keep people hooked. 


Make sure you’re seen 


An obvious way to gain more subscribers, is to gain more readers. You can do this in a variety of super simple ways, like making sure your blog is easy to find on your website. A link to your blog posts should ALWAYS be in the top navigation bar. Not only does this make it easier to find, it also increases customer satisfaction. Why? Because people like reading blogs! 


Did you know: blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for reliable online information? 


Social media use


A new blog post is the perfect thing to share on all of your social media channels. If you have a weekly blog, there’s no doubt your social media followers will be expecting it. It further boosts the visibility, and if done correctly- will encourage social media users to click the link and subscribe. 




Blogs are fab for so many reasons- and it’s definitely worth spending some time getting them just right. Here at Ame Social, we understand that for small to medium businesses time just isn’t on your side! So, let us take the stress away. We can write great blogs jam packed full of keywords specific to your industry. 


Want to know something else?! We can even take over your entire social media presence, making sure those blogs are seen far and wide by all of the potential subscribers. 


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