Regular blogs are a great way to keep fresh and relevant, keep your audience up to date with the services you offer and share interesting industry news. They key to a successful blog is to follow the rules and do it right, else you risk wasting precious time and effort into something that just isn’t doing you any favours. 


In this week’s blog (no pressure!) we outline the best ways to create blogs successfully. 


Benefits of blogging 


Blogs have all kinds of benefits for your business. They can increase awareness, give you a platform to share your knowledge & expertise and let your personality shine through by sharing something you’re passionate about. Not only are they great for engagement, they are jam packed full of keywords, which further drive people towards your site.

Regular blogs also keep your website fresh and up to date with relevant content. No one wants to stumble across a website that hasn’t been updated in years- it will only make potential clients lose trust. Google also doesn’t want to serve its users with outdated information, so blogs are a sure fire way to keep this from being a problem!


Consistency is key 

Choose a day and time of day to publish your blog. This should keep you to a schedule and let your followers know when to expect new content from you. Also, whilst we’re on the subject of consistency- keep your blogs to a similar format each time. Not only does this make it easier for you, it doesn’t confuse your followers and makes for an easy read. 


Write compelling content

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to find a way to engage your potential clients with compelling, genuinely interesting content. A blog can serve a different purpose; to educate, to inform or to entertain. Figure out what the purpose of your blog is and start from there! 


SEO and keywords 

Keywords are essentially words that best describe your content best. It is important to make sure that your blog headings and main body of text contain words that are relevant to what you offer, and what you want people to search for! 

Blogging is a great way to fill your website with relevant keywords- if it’s done in a way that is user friendly. It’s all well and good making sure Google picks up on them, but the ultimate goal is to attract genuine customer interest. If they can’t read the blog content with ease, then you’re probably overdoing it.


Importance of imagery 

High quality, relevant images are great to break up large blocks of text and keep your readers engaged. Why not spend some time creating your own infographics? These are super efficient ways of getting important information across in a clear, concise way. 


We understand writing regular blogs might seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start! Let Ame Social take the stress away, and get in touch with us to find out more about our SEO, social media and graphic creation services. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]