At some point, I’m sure you have heard the age-old marketing proverb “Your website is the online shop window to your business”. Although this phrase has been kicking about for a long time, I’m still a big fan. Why? Because it’s very true and I like the analogy. With online shopping at an all-time high, having a great website is very important. With this in mind, you have put a lot of time, effort and probably a considerable amount of money into making your “shop window” awesome. But, how do you get those all-important punters to look through it?

Here are our top tips on how to drive traffic to your website:

Social Media Advertising

Now we may be biased with this one as it is one of our mainstays but it’s a sure-fire way to increase traffic to your site if done right.

 Make sure that the adverts clear “call to action” is to click through to your website, taking the potential customer straight to the relevant page which is the subject matter of your ad. 

For instance, if your ad is giving an offer for 20% off a service you provide, make sure it links through to that service on your website.

Although this strategy costs money it doesn’t have to be expensive depending on your goals. A big plus point is that you have clear visibility on how much it costs per click. You can then track conversion rates giving you valuable insight into the success of the advert. Didn’t quite get the response you hoped for? You can adjust the ad to target similar people to those you converted.

Top tip, make sure you switch it up in every ad taking the customer to a different page of your website every time rather than the home page. This helps with your SEO which in turn helps drive traffic (we will get to SEO in a moment).


On-page SEO

You may have heard rumblings in the online world that SEO is on the way out? Quite the contrary. On-page SEO is still a great way to help boost your site in search engines providing organic traffic to your site.

Make sure that you are optimising your content for the search engines, incorporating image alt tags, meta descriptions and including internal links where possible. For example, this blog itself is full of internal links to other relevant blogs on our site. 

There are many things that you can do to optimise your ON-page SEO, it can take some time at first but it is worth it for the traffic it yields. For a closer look into On-page SEO and doing it well check out this infographic from Brian Dean https://backlinko.com/on-page-seo

Content is king

Creating engaging content is important across all of your channels, Social media, Website etc but when using social media pages to drive traffic to your website, it’s paramount.  

In today’s world it is not enough to just show people your products or services. You have to engage with your reader, entice them in with interesting information that is relevant to your industry and interesting to them, make sure you pimp it up with graphics/design work to catch the attention and look professional. After they are engaged, give them a reason to click through to your site rather than navigate away from the post such as “to find out more on this subject click here” or “we have the solution to this problem, click here”. 

As well as the written word mix it up with Video content where possible. Video content is proven to be more engaging and to get more likes, clicks and thumbs up than the written word by several 100%. If people like the video they have just seen they are likely to click through to your site to find more of the same. 

Hit them with a headline

It’s all very well having great content but without a headline to engage your audience, they might never see it! Make sure you put thought into your headlines, what will catch their attention whilst still describing the content? Think about the type of business you represent, do your headlines need to be technical, tongue in cheek or lighthearted to grab your reader’s attention?

Email marketing

Going after fresh faces always seems to be the way forward for businesses but don’t forget your existing customer base. Regular email campaigns can go a long way to driving traffic to your website, existing clients are more likely to take a peek if it interests them. 

Do you have new products or services to shout about? Are you promoting an offer they can’t refuse? Do you have some interesting information or a blog that you want to share? Get it in an email and let those people know. Make sure you don’t bombard them with too many though otherwise, you may get the dreaded unsubscribe.

Get Social

Too many companies use their social media purely as a tool to advertise the products or services they provide. 

Try to use social media the way it was intended, get involved with relevant groups to your industry and interact with people. You will find that if you are helpful and engaging that will lead to an interest in what you do and they will visit your site.

If people comment on your posts engage with them and spark up a conversation and if people are being positive about your company make sure you let them know it is appreciated. Try to avoid pushing your products or services as this can be a quick way to lose people’s interest. 

Cast your net wide

Finally, make sure that you use all of the channels available to you. Each person has a preferred social media platform so be present and engaging across them all, you may feel that Instagram, for instance, isn’t where you will find your customer base but you will be surprised. LinkedIn is also a great place to interact with people and it’s growing fast. 

There are many other ways that you can drive traffic to your website, I have just listed a few that we know to be effective for us here at Ame. I hope that this blog has given you an insight into some options you might not have explored or jolted your memory of something you have stopped putting effort into, either way, I hope it has been helpful to you. 

Good luck!

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