Every business owner knows that climbing to the top of the Google search is super important. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a key aspect to delivering this, and the short answer to ‘does SEO really work’ is.. YES! 


Let’s go back to basics for a second… 

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of altering your website to achieve a high ranking on search engines, especially Google. This includes the use of things like keywords, key phrases, internal and external links. Check out our previous blog outlining what SEO is here


How does it work? 

Google updates its search algorithm over 500 times per year, meaning SEO is constantly changing to keep up with the updates. One thing that remains constant though, is that SEO aims to put your website on the top of Google when potential customers search for certain keywords. Essentially, you have to fill your website with genuine, general topics for which you wish to rank! 


Why is it so important? 

There’s a joke in the digital marketing and SEO industry that says “the best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.” This is because more than 75% of searchers don’t go past the second page. Think about your own searching habits- how many results do you click on- two, three? Or do you head straight to the top one? 

The popularity of page 1 on Google, coupled with the fact that 93% of all web traffic comes directly from a search engine, means that it’s super important to have a good online presence with solid SEO to help you climb the ranks.  


Does SEO work? 

The simple answer is yes, SEO really does work but- you need to adopt best practice to ensure maximum results are achieved. If you’re lazy with your technique, or just aren’t doing it properly- then your efforts will be wasted and SEO will not work. 


For us here at Ame Social, SEO is about more than just making your website search engine friendly. We utilise our industry knowledge, coupled with our unique creative flair to give proven SEO results over time and ultimately make your business site better for your customers. 

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