So I thought it would be good to give an update on where we are as an agency, our journey so far, what we are up to and what’s in the pipeline, I feel that an insight into the core of the company’s successes, struggles and all is a great way for everyone to get to know us a bit more.


The early days

So, we started out on our journey to help startups through to SMEs with their online marketing back in November of 2017. Being a startup we have been very lucky in the fact we have started our journey organically and it enabled us to grow not without its struggles mind. Our ethos is rooted in helping businesses get the design, love & online marketing results they all desire and break this stigma that the “John lewis effect” is out of reach from 80% of the market. 


What is the John lewis effect? 

This is exactly what drove me to make the move from running sales and marketing departments for big firms and go out and try to make a difference in this arena. We’ve all seen the John Lewis adverts at Christmas time, and they touch so many of us across the globe. Why? Because they create an emotional response through their stories. Simple. I’m not going to lie they have and probably will for years put that lump in my throat, one that instantly comes so vividly into my mind as I’m writing this is the story of the granddaughter getting the telescope to look at the moon where her grandad is, alone at Christmas. Why is this important? Well, this is marketing at its most powerful! Telling a relatable and emotional story! In my opinion, you cannot get more powerful than gripping the emotional experiences of the viewers and taking them on a journey. If you remember that ad, it takes your emotions from feeling incredibly sad for grandad, then she gets the balloon with the telescope to land on the moon so he can look down to her, and now your crying and smiling uncontrollably at the same time wanting to fist pump the air!!!

That guys and girls is the John lewis effect!


What is your point?

My point is this! The rat race is undeniable for small business of all industries, you find yourself in most cases dropping your pants to secure sales, deals, clients. It’s scary when you have costs to cover, staff to pay, it’s only natural. I’ve been there and I’ve felt the cash flow issues (and their aftereffects). But our mission at Âme Social is to start breaking this stigma, help businesses keep the value in their products and services by showing their communities why they should buy from them through their stories, passions, services & personalities. NOT because they have offers, 2 for 1s etc. Although we cannot turn our heads away from the pricing formula, it is important for longevity in a business that we all create long standing customers, not passive deal buyers. And this is done through our stories and the experience we give. And that is our mission!! 

Through captivating, stunning design and powerful digital marketing, we will show your potential customers why to use YOU and keep using you! 

And we can provide this to all startups and SMEs, it actually doesn’t cost the world. Far too many businesses think they cannot afford high-quality marketing and design, but that is just because most have been priced out of the market by greedy agencies. You can have it and you deserve it! 


What are we up to?

Over the last 18 months, we have been pushing and driving our mission to more and more businesses, helping lots of companies in many industries get the marketing they deserve and helping get more and more customers for them, explode their brand awareness and make them very proud of how their company looks and feels online. We have had our struggles along the way, cash flow being the main one, and this was purely from getting invoices paid on time (the effects of this we are still feeling today), but a lesson that will not be forgotten! Iv learned as a business owner not to be soft (very hard in the beginning) and to make sure I don’t undervalue yourself and my team! 

On a growth point of view, we have gone into the 1000’s% of growth in year 2 from year 1. And our amazing team is growing fast, providing a fantastic working environment for the creatives and business development managers that work for Âme. This makes me very proud as like I said we have done this from the beginning, organically. This shows me without any doubt, we are helping and succeeding in our mission, and we have only just begun.

An exciting project we secured recently is teaming up with The City College of Plymouth to help their aspiring students have a platform to gain valuable industry experience. There is nothing more important to me that we keep the amazing talent in our economy, and giving them the ability to learn and grow in the core of the industry. I’m excited for this to start and will keep you updated as we undertake and meet the young talent of Plymouth students. 

There are also a couple of super exciting projects being worked on behind the scenes which we cannot go into just yet 😉 but as these come to close to launch, again i will keep you updated! 


I’d like to thank you all for reading my ramblings, and I hope you know me and Âme a little bit better now! The future is bright for the business world, sometimes hard to see in difficult climates. But as the human race evolves, so must the way we serve, treat and provide experiences. 


Big love 

Ash Abernethie

CEO & Founder 

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