A marketing campaign can seem complicated. When we started out, we wanted to ensure that we stripped away all the technical jargon from our conversations with clients & prospects because through research, the average company owner won’t always follow. Usually that’s because they don’t have an understanding of some of the terminology commonly used in the marketing world – because their time has been spent in other areas of their growing business. Our goal has always been to provide the usual services a digital agency would, but also to educate & help others grow!


Put yourself first

With a marketing campaign, if an agency came to you and said:

“We want to create a powerful marketing campaign that increases your on page conversions through clear CTAs. We think we should start by using a social reach campaign using long-form content.” 

Not every business owner will understand this. Most will just assume that their chosen digital agency knows what they’re talking about and let them get on with it. Putting your blind trust in people is when mistakes can happen & you don’t feel fully involved in the growth of your own company! It is your business at the end of the day – you should know (and want to know) what’s happening.


What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign can get massively overcomplicated, very quickly. Simply put though, a marketing campaign is deciding on the results that you want for your business and choosing a path to take to achieve them. Here’s a few examples:


Brand Awareness

For a new business, you might want to start with a brand awareness campaign to get your company/products/services in front of your target market. This could be achieved with rich strategic content on your social media channels including plenty of eye catching graphics! You could post about your story, your ethos or your mission statement. Or you could start writing blogs and sharing them via email to your audience. Further to this, you could begin creating brand awareness videos to effectively demonstrate your positioning and USP in the market. 


TOP TIP: There’s so many routes you could take BUT try to keep it simple and remain goal oriented!


Product Sales

In this scenario, you may want to produce a product promotional video, with a call to action (CTA) that drives customers through your website to encourage sales. By using powerful website copy and graphics, you can then work to increase your on page conversions. The trick is to keep track of your website analytics to see what is working and what isn’t. 


TOP TIP: Make sure all of the button links on your website are working. Eg. Links to other pages, contact forms & shopping carts.


Website Traffic

This is a great type of campaign that usually gets huge results! When you have the power to get potential customers onto your website, you can have a huge increase in conversions as they have an entire platform to explore. Make sure your website is user friendly and there is a clear sense of direction for your customers to explore the site.


TOP TIP: It may be helpful for you to create a sitemap. This will show you the different routes a customer can take around your website.


If you want to learn more about the technical terms used in digital marketing, read our blog ‘20 DIGITAL MARKETING TERMS & WHAT THEY MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS’


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