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There are so many social media platforms out there, each with their own individual set of rules. Whether you are a startup or a well established brand, you should be utilising social media as much as possible! The aim is ultimately to spread your message far and wide and there is no better way to do this than having a presence on multiple platforms… if it is done well of course.


If you’re feeling unsure about how to navigate this, it’s important to remember the one thing they all have in common – they can connect people in a way they were never able to connect before and each network offers a unique way to spark this connection.  


Unfortunately, a one-size-fits all strategy just doesn’t work with social media – so it’s up to you as a business owner to spend some time tailoring your posts.  


Read on for a run down of each platform and how you can tailor your content to reach it’s full potential!


Facebook: The Market Leader

According to, 58% of all internet users globally are on this network, so it goes without saying that Facebook should be the bread and butter of your social media strategy. The demographics are pretty well rounded, with most users typically engaging with friends or family, or sharing relevant articles and images.


Type of content: Facebook is great for sharing relevant content in the form is images or videos, so if you can get your message across with some awesome looking infographics then you’ll be one step ahead!


Post length: Shorter content works best, due to it being cut off with an ellipsis after a certain number of characters. This means users will have to ‘click’ to see more, which doesn’t seem like a huge amount of effort, but you will be surprised how much it could dent your engagement.

LinkedIn: The B2B Powerhouse

A rising star in the social media world, LinkedIn is strictly professional when it comes to business awareness. This is the place for your company to really shine and show off everything you have to offer.


Type of content: Clean and professional posts work well here, with the emphasis being on ‘useful’ content. Videos, clean cut infographics or high quality stock imagery that are directly relevant to the services you offer should be at the forefront of any content you post.


Post length: Similar to Facebook, shorter content works better. We recommend sticking to 25 words or less, as anything above 140 characters will be cut off with an ellipsis!

Twitter: The Here and Now

Twitter is based on fast facts- getting news here and now in the form of short and snappy posts. The key is to not overthink it!


Type of content: Twitter is fast becoming known for it’s news sharing properties, so it’s a great place to link to relevant articles or share quick snaps of fun things your company is up too.


Post length: Twitter is definitely the most retrained platform when it comes to post length, but this just means you have to get creative! It forces you to get to the point with what you are trying to say and eliminates the risk of people losing interest. The maximum word count currently stands at 140 characters.

Instagram: The Show and Tell

Instagram is known for being the frontrunner of visual information, with the text based caption being a follow up. Hashtags are key to getting your business noticed on this image heavy platform.


Type of content: you guessed it.. visual! Instagram can be a place to post fun things that happen at the office, simplified infographics or short videos that show off what your business is all about.  


Post length: As the main focus is on the image, it’s best to keep the caption short and snappy. We recommend around 150 characters- and don’t forget you can have a maximum of 30 hashtags!

Bonus Tip

We recommend spending some time on each platform as a user, to really get to grips with how content is portrayed on each one. Not only will it help to show how content can be tailored to each platform, but you can also keep track of conversations taking place around your industry in general- giving you a head start on the type of content you need to be creating!


Of course, this is all just the tip of the social media iceberg but the basics are a great place to start. The world of social media can all seem a little confusing at times, so if you need a helping hand why not check out Ame Socials Social Media Marketing services? Take a look here.


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