Wondering how to improve the open rate for your email campaigns? Read on.


In the telesales industry, you have 10 seconds from when the person on the other end answers to make an impression and get a conversation started. The same goes for the subject line on your email campaign! No one’s going to open an email that immediately looks like it should be in the spam folder.


The subject line is your ‘moth to a lantern’, and ultimately how you entice a reader to click on your must read email and take those first steps into your sales funnel.


With around 281 billion business to consumer emails sent on a daily basis, the subject line is your golden ticket to standing out, so it’s really important to get it written properly. Here’s a few tips to get your open rate rocking:


Create Curiosity

Your reader has to be compelled to open your email, if you give them all the information in the subject line the chances are they won’t have any reason to go look further. Too obscure though, and they won’t make the link with your brand and the email will immediately get ignored.



No two people are the same and this is how your email marketing should be treated as well. Email campaigns should be targeted to different demographics and therefore personalised to fit, the same goes for your subject line. The product may be the same but a women in their early 20’s are going to react completely differently to a man in his late 60’s. Although, they both may be equally interested in your product, you can word the subject line differently to appeal to each of them.



The chances are if someone is on your mailing list, it’s because they’ve expressed an interest in what you do! Therefore keep the content topics on point, if you aren’t talking about the information they want to know they’ll switch off and find another list to subscribe to.



Did you know before the days of BBC I player and Netflix, an episode of Eastenders would result in an increased use of electricity across the country, take a guess why! The nation was putting the kettle on just in time to watch their favourite show. If you were a company who sold biscuits for example, a good time to send your email campaign would be before a popular show came on, so that your audience have enough time to pop to the shop and grab some of your treats! Or if you were a local pub, maybe an email about an offer you’re doing at the end of the day to entice the people who are looking to get out for a drink after work! Timing is everything. Time it wrong and your email will be buried under the next 50 your audience is about to be delivered from your competitors. Timed right and your click rate will go through the roof.


We hope these tips have helped you when it comes to designing your next email campaign. If you need help with this though, The team at Ame Social are able to send a message that speaks to every one of your followers! Get in touch here.


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