Just over a year ago, I co-founded a small digital agency in the city of Plymouth. With the intention of helping other small local businesses with their digital marketing needs. By not making the digital side of running a business any more complicated than it can already be, it’s nice to see how well this simplification has been received.

There’s something interesting about our business though, we don’t pay for office space! Let me tell you why.


In the beginning, I worked from a second hand iPhone with a shattered screen, whilst also working full time for another company. It was busy. When the company grew and we started to help more and more local businesses. I quit my 9-5 job and there suddenly became a need for an office space for us to meet, build ideas and get things done. As a new company owner with staff and a growing client base, the prospect of a cool space of our own was epic. So, we got one, and guess what! We never worked in it once!

Unnecessary office costs

After spending thousands on rent and never actually being able to bring ourselves to settle and work out of it, I had a serious rethink. After 6 months of renting a sad little empty office, we sacked it off. What a waste of money for a start-up business that didn’t have loads of it in the first place. So onwards and upwards. We carried on have our meetings in coffee shops, it works for us and the team are happier having that freedom.


All of this got me thinking, we are a digital marketing agency that is focused on helping start-ups and SMEs with their entire online presence. How do we do this? Well, quite frankly with the power of the internet and our mobiles. Both of these can travel anywhere in the world with us meaning that we can conduct our business from anywhere with a Wifi signal.


So, the decision is final, Ame Social will operate from anywhere we want!

Follow the Coffee

If my guys want to work from a remote location on the moors to give them some peace and quiet while they design a clients new logo. Or they want to sit at the top of town on a bench in the thick of the busyness for inspiration then, awesome! I want my team to work where they will get the best out of themselves. Some days that might be waking up, grabbing the laptop and not moving from the position they woke up in. That’s cool with me!


But one thing is for sure, we will provide the coffee for the Ame Social team, wherever they want to work from. By using the cash we save on rent and utilities, we can pump that into our community instead. Our local independent coffee shops, cafes, greasy spoons and eateries. Why did we start the company? To help small companies with their marketing. Being present in their businesses gives us the opportunity to do just that. Along with putting some cash in their tills along the way.

Supporting the local community

The thing that cements all of this for me, is that as I sat typing away in my local coffee shop, ‘Amigos Coffee’ I observed the barista putting his freshly glazed cakes on display. Taking photos as he went, ready to share online. A couple of questions later, and after 500 coffee’s (winner for him). I was also able to give him some guidance on how he could use that photo to help push the businesses interactions on social media (winner for me)!


So, keep an eye out for us tearing it up on our laptops around the city. And hopefully, along the way, Ame Social will not just be known as an epic Plymouth based marketing agency, but also one that cares about its community!



See more information about Âme Social’s services here or get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team!