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So what’s the big deal with SEO (Search engine optimisation)? We all know that being seen at the top of  page one of a search engine like Google is important. But what does it mean and how does it all work? Let’s make it simple.

Why it’s important

40,000 searches are made on Google every second. Whether someone is searching for information, interested in buying a product or looking for somewhere to eat. If you’re at the top spot, that online traffic is coming to you!

How it all works

Google uses special ‘Spider Bots’ that crawl through websites online and then list them on its database. It does this by following on-page links or by using your sitemap. Once Google has listed your site, your pages are analysed. Google then categorises your copy, images and content into lists for the relevant search terms.

Where a person goes online and searches Google for something relating to your site, Google will then rank your website based on how well it answers the persons search query. This is based on how relevant your website’s content is, how easy your site is to use and other factors.

Google’s top secret algorithms for ranking pages still remains somewhat of a mystery and their tactics are always changing.

Hitting the top spot

Getting to the top spot on Google won’t happen overnight though, there’s a few key factors that come into play for SEO, so we are here to break them down for you!


This encompasses all of the fiddly bits at the back end of your website. Most of this is based around your website’s loading speed and how easy it is for Google to find. After all, no one hangs around for long when your website is running at snail pace!

On Page

The answer is Keywords! To put it simply…Google needs to know what your page is about. You need to make sure your headings say the right thing and that you text contains the words you want to rank for in searches. Image labels play a big part too!

Off Page

Have you ever wondered where all of your website traffic is coming from? Google also ranks your page based on the number of external sites that link to yours. This even includes your social media. The more links you have, the higher the authority of your page. Simple.


Content is so important it needs its own section. Start blogging because by providing fresh new content regularly, your SEO will improve drastically. Static websites that aren’t updated for months can easily slip down the ranks. Content should be original and relevant.

Coming up…

So that’s the basics of how SEO works. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for the nitty gritty of actually getting to the top and our easy step to step guide that’s on its way soon!