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Social Media. You either embrace it or run a mile from it.  If you’re like us however, you do know when it IS necessary to use – and that’s for cooking up a delicious business strategy. There’s a number of reasons why you should be using social media next to your marketing & sales strategies. There are currently 3.4 billion people on social media across the globe for you to engage your business with. Whether you like it or not, your audience is online!

So on with the show 5 reasons for your business to use social media.


Get the World Talking About You

There’s a certain psychology that comes through the use of social media. It can be addictive. Especially, when you realise that people from all walks of life are liking, sharing and following your stuff. Who me? Yes, you! Spread the news about your business baby, tell everyone and get them talking about you and your company.


Attract Potential Clients

You can use social media to get your products and services in front of your target audience. Pull them into your highly thought out sales strategy and keep them there, just like the Ame Social team is drawn to cake! Through the use of targeted ads, competitions or just some really kick ass content, social media is your best connection to the people who you can’t see face to face.


Creating a Community

Your tribe, community, and hub are the life force of your business and can often be overlooked. Build your audience and earn your page a cheeky follow, the thumbs up and that all important share. Creating a community should be a key element to your social media strategy and there are some really simple ways of ensuring this happens.


Drive Traffic to Your Website/Blog

Now you’ve got your audience hooked, it’s time to pull them further into the spider’s web. You’ve done the hard work on selling what your business now make sure they have easy access to your website to make those all important enquiries.


Don’t send them to sea on a quest like Jason and the Argonauts, have your website linked to all of your social media accounts and add it onto some of your posts to ensure they can get to that fantastic product you sell.


Diversify Your Marketing Efforts through Ads

For the price of a cream tea or pint of Legend, you can get yourself in front of six thousand people a day. Tough choice we know. Like putting your jam on top of your cream, doing adverts right is the best feeling in the world.


So, did you get all that? We know the world of digital marketing can be confusing so our goal is to make it simpler. Every week we will be sharing ways to help you develop your online marketing, grow your audience and see your business boom. Simply subscribe to our blog and we’ll send you juicy content, guides and top tips every week!


Ps. Plus this post was written over a mound of delicious sliders from Tilt in Plymouth – We suggest you check them out!


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